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  1. So I spent the weekend organizing and putting together a good workspace for my new hobby. I took a few days off to get everything hung and organized so now I’m ready to prime the completed hull before moving onto planking the deck. What do you think?
  2. They are. I want a smooth shiny hull because this is my first model ship and I’m learning. One of the things I want to try is glassing the hull so that’s why I’m smoothing it out. Guess we will see what happens lol
  3. Planking finally done. A lot of delays in between but a plank here and a plank there each day while working paid off. Not a lot of bumps but smoothing it out by sanding and filling. First sanding complete. Finished the transom as well. I will fine tune so there are no uneven spots and then put a few coats of polycrylic for a nIce smooth finish on the hull. I’m quite pleased with my first attempt at planking. I learned a lot and towards the end didn’t even glue my fingers together lol Any tips on finishing the hull would be greatly appreciated Enjoy Tony D.
  4. Excellent. Have a few more planks to go, some fill and sand and then done. Work getting in my way so a bit slow but steady progress. Will post more pictures when planking complete Tony
  5. Used some filler and sanded lightly . I’m definitely not done with it yet and have more tuning but so far so good.
  6. Hello all. After a few weeks off due to the coronavirus pandemic , I’ve been pretty busy at work. I started up again last week and have finished the planking on one side and halfway on the other. This is the very first time I’ve ever planked a model ship. Heck it’s my very first model ship. I think it came out ok for the first attempt.
  7. Have not posted in a while but I’ve been busy marking out the hull and double triple and quadruple checking preparing for planking. His is he first time I have ever I’m my life done this so be kind with the comments. Lol I also have to learn how to not glue my fingers together with CA glue. That’s not a good feeling lol here goes
  8. Sounds good. I'm in the middle of planking and will be posting some pics soon Tony
  9. Ok so I am about to start planking. I marked the hull and put my first plank on using CA. Unfortunately i now need to remove it because i'm not happy. I ordered debonder. Will this help unbond it? I sure do hope so. Any advice for removing a plank?
  10. Thanks. Yes I have the wales marked out already. What about the deadwood area? Would I measure from the bottom of the wall to the bottom of the bulkhead or the keel-rabbet?
  11. Good morning all. I have a quick question. I am now at the stage where i will be lining the hull. When i measure to see how many planks should fit in a particular bulkhead to i measure from the top of the bulkhead to the bottom of the bulk head or do I go all the way to the keel for all bulkheads? Thanks in advance Tony
  12. Today’s activities were fun. First order of business was to make a patch for the plank sheer that was short. Apparently everyone who built this had the same issue. I was hoping model shipways would have corrected it by now but nope, same thing lol The picture above shows the patch that I created. I beveled it so it matched the rest of the plank sheers shape. It then went on and installed the wale planks. This was not as bad as I thought . I also put on a coat of primer and painted them so I can have a crisp delineation between the black and the yellow. I’m sure I will have to freshen it up later but at least I got a first coat on. if I have time tomorrow I will finish fairing the bulkheads in preparation for planking over the weekend. Supposed to be a washout on Saturday so what better activity than to work on my model. Hopefully the wife will understand 😳 Thanks to everyone who has responded to my log so far. I know it’s about to get tougher and will look to the more experienced modelers to help me throughout this process. Tony
  13. Michael Thanks. That’s my next step. I’ve read the article you attached about 20x because I don’t want to mess up. Should I just use sandpaper or should I use a dremel or a file Tony

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