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  1. If you pay attention to the news world, the Chinese are notorious for stealing intellectual information, military information, high tech etc. from those who work at great expense around the world. Their govt. and businesses are one in the same. They are shameless! I know this, when I buy something "cheap" on line from China, I will generally regret it. Not only are their products usually inferior, but I feel as though I am supporting their aggressive regime.
  2. Looks great! Very tight planking, definitely on the right track...By the way, you were right about the starting point of my garboard strake. I didn't do the math right. Started running out of space on the stem real fast! Since I will be painting the whole hull anyway, it shouldn't be too bad, we'll see.
  3. Hi Dr PS, glad to be in the ALB group... My intentions on planking the hull are this: get the 3 lower and 2 uppers on, measure the gap at it's widest point, then figure how much material to remove from the strakes to fit at the bow. I'll use my small block plane for this, tapering a little from each. Hopefully it will work out well, I've done it this way in the past and seemed to work decently.
  4. Looks nice and tight, will clean up well I think...good work!
  5. Began this kit a couple days ago. Had a couple frames and the transom snap during the fairing process but no biggie, pinned and glued them back. Maybe a little too aggressive with the sanding... It seems that it will be a pleasurable little build. It's a nice scale to work with, my first wooden ship kit was MS's 1:48 version, very small! I plan on making some changes to this one, mostly color choices. I aim to make it look like the ship's boat on my Syren model. Also, I may play around with putting sails on this one. I think maybe half set or something like that, we'll see. I began by starting the garboard strake on frame G, seems like it will work out better there. Thanks to Arthur Wayne for the tips and problems to look out for as I move ahead.
  6. Hey Ken, I am also building this kit. At this point, I've just clamped the garboard strakes to the keel rabbets. The only problem that I've had so far is the brittleness of the basswood. Maybe I was a little "heavy handed" while fairing the frames but even knowing they are fragile, 3 of them snapped off along with one side of the transom! And I do have a big old strong back on top. Not that big a deal, I pinned and glued them back together. I will be posting my progress in a new build log later today.
  7. If it's plastic, I'd toss it...
  8. Very talented work! It absolutely came out beautiful! 2nd build huh? looks like artistry to me. Pleasure going through the build log, not overly tedious. Great photos also, I should add...
  9. Hey DrPS, I think you're doing great so far, I have seen that you've been following Arthur Wayne's 18th Century ALB build. I recently received this model and I will be definitely be following his build log also along with yours. He seems to have spelled out the problems that we may encounter. So, using the instructions, plans and our own common sense, we should all produce a fine result.
  10. Great work! thanks for the heads-up on the probable head-aches. I just received this kit yesterday so I will surely use your log to adjust the course. At first, I couldn't believe there was so many problems! But you pointed them out very well. I'll just go very carefully and take nothing for granted.
  11. Nice work on the model! Two hobbies in one, how could that be topped! I'll be watching your posts, welcome...
  12. Even though I completed The Syren in Feb. love to watch yours come back to life!

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