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  1. Ya, I just think the wooden masts etc. are something that cannot be captured in plastic. Just my opinion. I'll be watching your progress.
  2. Welcome to MSW... your Sea Witch is looking nice so far. I think it would be awesome if you did most of the remaining build using wooden parts. I built a USS Constitution several years ago (Revell- plastic) and wish I would have done the masts and deck things in wood. Just an idea.
  3. Still planking the hull. Working on the central band on the port side, almost finished. Then I will probably go back and forth from sanding and filling the hull and working on the deck. The clamping jig and hair dryer method works well for edge bending. Had to do some imaginative planking on the starboard side. It's ok since all will be sanded and filled before painting. Maybe adding a couple LED lights inside for effect. All in all, I am really enjoying building the ECB. I think she shall be a beautiful model. I would like to try carving the decorative parts on the trail boards but they are
  4. Been watching along since the beginning, you're an artist and a genius replicating this boat's parts!
  5. Progressing along on the ECB... Deck framing is done. The plans called for lodging knees all around, I cheated a bit. I wrestled with making all of them when most would be covered with planking. I intend to leave off some deck planking to expose the framing and to let light into the wet well area. I don't have the proper tools to create all those knees. So then began with the garboard strakes and the hull planking. i included some pics of the edge bending process, I use my jig and a hair dryer, works well with bass wood. for all the negatives of bass wood, it is easy to sha pe and bend.
  6. Glad to see you back working on ECB. Looking great! I've been adding to mine also, Will post progress soon.
  7. In the above post, I wrote that the next step was deck planking. Actually, it calls for hull planking.
  8. Got an update; banged some more out... Painted the interior areas called for, installed access ladders for the wet well hatches. Finished deck framing, installed some lodging knees, sanded flush the deck beams and carlings. Then began the covering boards. Next, the instructions call for the planking of the deck, nice! I went through some other members build logs, very helpful. It was funny though that many have observed the same shortfalls in this kits instructions and plans. Should you pick up this one, be prepared to navigate by the plans. The instructions are sparse! I guess I'm used to mo
  9. Thanks Paul, good to hear from you... Your Whale Boat came out fantastic by the way! Hope to see more of your work.
  10. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, much appreciated. I need to figure out how to put the text in more rationally!
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