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  1. Hey there... got more to post on the Emma. Been working on the mast here and there for several weeks now and got it pretty much completed. Just need to add the cleats at the base and some minor touch-ups then apply a coat of matte poly. I found the metal work to be extremely frustrating and difficult. Soooo small were the parts to be soldered! I don't have much experience with it to begin with, definitely need some coaching and more practice. But managed to put something acceptable together, (acceptable to me anyways). Also, I ordered and recieved some fittings from Syren. Chuck offers some very nice products hey? Just some cleats and the various blocks needed for the rigging. Very nice quality. I wont permenantly attach the mast until it makes sense to do so.
  2. The Bandit came out really nice John...great job!
  3. Great pictures! They give you a real perspective of the scale of the thing! The patina of the guns and carriages is eye opening. Also, I didn't realize that the deck was so dark. I will keep all this in mind when and if I build a (another) Connie, thanks.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys, mek, I also thought of heat shrink. Your work looks very good. It looks like maybe you recieved a slightly larger scale chain than I did in my kit. I've found these things do vary. Even sliding on the smallest of heat shrink looked comically gigantic to me. I'm thinking of carefully applying a build up of black acrylic paint to the area to simulate at least some type of protection (?). I should have ordered a better chain. If it bothers me down the road, maybe I will. On to the masts!
  5. Hello modellers, been draggin my feet lately on constructing the bowsprit rigging. Had to finally just settle for putting something together that I could live with. I had considerable problems with the finer details of this rigging. First, the shackles that were required were just frustrating as hell to construct. To make them to the scale required proved impossible for me. I opted for rings with hooks. They look reasonable. Second, the chain supplied for the bobstay was a beast to deal with! I fought to even get 28 gauge wire through it to make the rings! I ended up using 1/8 deadeyes for the forward end with lanyard for adjustments. It looks accepable. As far as parcelling and serving the aft end, forget about it! Looked way too fat. And serving the chain without the parselling looked like crapolla. Oh well, just chain to the deadeyes. Also, I did get the chainplates and channels done. I wont permenently attach the chainplates until I can line them up in a straight line with the shrouds (made that mistake before). But all in all, I'm cool with the latest results. Now to clean up and regroup for the masts, boom and gaff. This, I will enjoy!
  6. Mr T, your rudder looks very nice! Your methods are also quite helpful. I wish now I took more care doing my rudder! But these models are after all a compilation of many parts and if we can get most of them right, we will have an attractive ship. I like your work.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys, yes Will as much as it rubbed me the wrong way, I purposely scratched and scuffed the open starboard side. I thought about it and came to realize that if ECB was in the yard to repair the hull planks, the damage would be somewhat more substantial. It wouldn'd be missing planks and replaced planks with all the surrounding area like new. But I got to finish the port side decently!
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