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  1. Ahoy there, thanks for the comments and likes. Got some more accomplished on The Emma. The rudder and tiller have been put together and installed. The bowsprit has been permenantly attached with the gammon iron, bowsprit guy and topmast stay bands. I decided to scuff up the "damaged" starboard side around the openned area. I thought if it is in the yard for repairs, the area should look beat up a bit. Still need to do some detailed painting like the accent striping etc.
  2. Lookin good, you're leaving a lot of planks off the open side huh? Interesting...
  3. Fine work there. I was thinking about a stove way back but I ended up gluing the cabin to the frames. Now I wish I built the cabin so it could be removed to expose all the nifty work down there. Oh well, live and learn (sometimes).
  4. Hey Will, thanks for the tip on the model rr lights. They have lots of useful stuff for ship modelling also huh? The construction is across the street. I believe it will be a duplex residential building. How I dealt with the led situation is to reach in and brush on some yellow occre paint, it toned them down and added a more realistic yellow glow like you'd get from lanterns.
  5. Got quite a bit more done, drilled in the flooding holes for the wet well, (it seemed so wrong). Then I applied the red bottom paint bellow the waterline. Added the double cabin doors with hinges made from brass strips. Then something I almost forgot, the boom horse on the transom. After a thorough and tedious search for painting boo boos, I touched up all the errors that I could find, I'm sure there'll be more! Next up will be permenantly attaching the bowsprit and fabbing up the various bands and hardware.
  6. Looking great...good move going for the Syren wheel kit! Looks so much better than the cast kit supplied. Wish I did the same.
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