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  1. Great work on "Connie". Thanks for the detailed build log also, I know it will be one I use in the future. Sweet tools and shop, Gotta love buying nice tools!
  2. Thanks all for your nice comments ands thumbs ups. Been busy moving for the last few weeks, had to put ECB on the back burner. But all moved in now and have a much nicer work shop/ ship yard! Don't have to use my dining table for my work bench! Have some new equipment and work bench, sweet! Plenty of storage for everything too. Be back to work on ECB soon.
  3. I have reached a point in ECB's progress to post some. Got the bulwark stanchions, scupper planks, upper bulwark planks, cap rails, stern rail, mooring chock blocks and mooring bitts completed! That's a mouthful! There is still some additional goodies that I will create and install. I applied some primer to the finished sections, in addition to priming for paint, it shows where I need to correct any imperfections. Still using my crappy phone camera so the pics are not so great... sorry.
  4. New update on the Emma, work on the cabin and companionway, hatches, bowsprit pall bit. Then I began sanding and filling defects in the hull. Put on primer, sanded and more primer. Then smoothed with 00 steel wool. I didn't want to over do it with the filling and smoothing so it looks like fiberglass rather than an old fishing vessel with it's dents and defects. Now I should look for and correct any funky mistakes before moving on. I'm not sure if I should construct the bulwarks next or plank the deck, I'll have to mull that over. She's beginning to take on a beautiful look to me now!
  5. Is the Niagara still available? If so, I will buy ti for full asking price. I always have liked this model. Thanks...
  6. Hello All, still banging away on Emma. (that doesn't sound right). Got the hull planking finished. Still need finish sanding though. Got the coamings, grating and hatches done. Working on the cabin top, companion way and trimming are next. I plan on doing all I can before deck planking. I installed a few LED's inside at the bow, behind the wet well and in the cabin to show some detail better. They seem to be too bright though. They glow through the basswood. I think they'll glow through even after painting. I'll figure out how to tone them down a bit. Well, that's all for now, happy modelling!
  7. Ya, I just think the wooden masts etc. are something that cannot be captured in plastic. Just my opinion. I'll be watching your progress.
  8. Welcome to MSW... your Sea Witch is looking nice so far. I think it would be awesome if you did most of the remaining build using wooden parts. I built a USS Constitution several years ago (Revell- plastic) and wish I would have done the masts and deck things in wood. Just an idea.
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