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  1. Hey John, nice work so far! Just lost a bidding "war" on ebay last night on the MS CWM. still went for a good deal ($ 145.00 and $15 dollar shipping). New in box, oh well, I'll keep looking for something to have a nice large and detailed build after the little guy I'm on now.
  2. Yes Ron, I also get multiple versions of the same notification, what's up?
  3. also something that makes this a little easier, "pin the yard" to the mast so that the rest of the process will be less cumbersome.
  4. Wonderful work so far... as for a possible replacement for the deadeye chain plates, take a look at the Siren plans or some of the build logs here for an idea that was used. Making a simple jig to use black wire in three sections for them. Looked good when I used them. Will be watching your build log.
  5. So funny Bob! I saw your post of Slim being ambushed and I almost choked! This is a t-shirt my girl bought for me when she was in Aruba!
  6. Looking great! One word of caution, ( from experience) beware of the dolphin striker! On my Syren build, I clumsily reached around the bow to get something and snapped off one or both of them more than once.
  7. Hey Bob, the model came out great! I'm sure your display should be fantastic also. I chuckled to see the Smilodon stalking Slim, what for I wondered, he looks like a meager snack! also, I noticed that the Gun boat had oarlocks (tholes I think in modelling lingo), Did they supply the laser cutouts for them or did you decide to leave them out?
  8. Your speedy is looking great...just to say, I developed an allergy to CA also. Used it quite a bit and then I noticed I was getting all congested in my lungs like a bad chest cold. Then using it at all, gave me these symptoms, even just a small whiff! So yes, now when I have to use it (or any highly volatile substance) I put a fan off to the side to blow the vapors away. That takes care of it.
  9. On my Syren build, in the manual it was suggested to use an appropriate gauge black wire. I think I used 28. At that size it is difficult to know the difference and I could shape the hang of it until it looked right.
  10. I too was/am an amateur artist and once did tattooing as an avocation. Now I mostly do portraits in watercolor. I drew this pattern long ago and made a poor choice in artists to apply it to me (didn't come out as nice as it should have). I've been meaning to have it touched up by a better artist but time goes by and priorities change...oh well maybe someday.

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