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  1. Fantastic work! Looks perfect, this build is great.
  2. Just looked this build over again (I'm getting ready to dig into my little USS Essex solid hull version with determination!) this model came out great! There's so much detail! My model is ancient...boxed in 1957! got it on ebay for $15. I know by looking over yours that I'm missing a lot of parts and pieces. It's going to be a sort of 3/5 ths hull mounted on a backboard of some type. just to hang on a wall. So I wont get crazy withit, just for fun till I pick up a kit that will take some real time and attention to detail (and probably more tools!). Great job though!
  3. Yes, I would sand the deck down till it feels smooth to your fingers. You can also throw on some light stain if desired, some do, some don't. I usually put on a couple coats of satin polycrylic by Minwax. Leaves a little sheen but not too glistening. Then I would generally hit it a little with 00 steel wool. This also seals the wood to moisture. This is a great model to begin a long learning but highly satisfying hobby. I'll enjoy your progress on her.
  4. Your model looks great! First build of this type, you did a nifty job.
  5. Wow! great ship to model and you did it proud...As far as this being your first wooden ship model, all I can say is can't wait to watch your next one! For my first "larger" and more complex model, it came down to "Syren" or "Niagara". I still want to tackle the Niagara in the future. The display also came out great and enhances the total look, great work.
  6. Ya, these guys are right, pros always have the best for a reason, as apprentices we try to dodge the big ticket tools, and pay the price eventually. I have been "easing my way into" modelling and pick up "decent" tools as I need them. My last was a decent benchtop band saw. I guess you should decide sooner or later if you intend on staying in the hobby for the long run. At that point, reason will guide your tool (and model) purchases. I have found recently that I need to invest in some fine micro chisels, I bought some $10 crap ones on Amazon ant laughed at my foolish mistake upon seeing them! I don't think they could carve wax! You'll learn what you need. Do some "decent" kit models first, then you will know...good luck, hope to watch your build logs.
  7. Hey John, nice work so far! Just lost a bidding "war" on ebay last night on the MS CWM. still went for a good deal ($ 145.00 and $15 dollar shipping). New in box, oh well, I'll keep looking for something to have a nice large and detailed build after the little guy I'm on now.
  8. also something that makes this a little easier, "pin the yard" to the mast so that the rest of the process will be less cumbersome.

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