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  1. Some good progress, boiler finished and installed, engine built and plumbed in, condenser and hot well finished and plumbed. Power plant finished and my messy "work table".
  2. Ya, I guess anyone outside of the " ship modeling " world has never even heard of a Picket Boat. You are right about people not remembering the history of our servicemen, hope they're not doomed to repeat it!
  3. I think I may consider homicide if my Syren was violated like yours.... just kidding maybe...we tend to fall in love with these creations that we spend years getting to know plank by plank, yard by yard, plan by plan! I've already though about having to move, my ships go with ME, nobody touches them! I go crazy when the cleaning lady wants to dust around the ones that are out. She knows not to go near them....looking good, get her back to her glory.
  4. Just looked at the first picture, is that a howitzer or a pea shooter?
  5. Wow, that's not the Picket Boat I have in mind! Looks like from "Gilligan's Island" where's the Skipper? Ya I thought about making this model look, battle scarred, but me being such a perfectionist, had to make her look straight out of the ship yard... I like the battle used look too, so many good renditions of her on the site, I bow to the realistic modelers. Had to strive for ship shape.
  6. Began and finished the boiler part of the steam plant. Starting the engine portion now...The boiler sure takes up a lot of room in the boat, must have been cramped!
  7. This Niagra looks great... I always figured it would be too much like The Syren but looking through your build log, I see there are wonderful differences. I recently finished Syren and am now well into The US Picket Boat #1. The Niagra and Syren are so pleasing to the eye that I may well get the Niagra in the future. I also want to pick out a nice long build like USS Constitution By MS. Keep up the great work!
  8. Miss Betsy is crazy cool! Unbelievable detail!

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