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  1. I'm screwed. It took me too long to figure out that the butt was made of vinyl
  2. 10 years ago when I built my entertainment center I put a not in it saying, "I killed the mouthy little snots and buried them in the garage." Thing is, I used ti have an auto lift in there so the cement is raised in 2 spots.
  3. Yep. I just find it interesting how different countries call the same things different names
  4. Besides, out here we call the windshield.
  5. I guess I am not one of them
  6. My wife bought a bunch of raspberry's and told her that was cool because I love that kind of jelly. I stood corrected.
  7. In America, Jam has actual chunks of fruit. Jelly does not, it's just a preservative.
  8. I called them Orville Redenbacher's
  9. Around here, the latest trend is to have your little hopped-up 4-cylinder Honda backfire when they let off the gas. I'm not sure how they do that unless it's an after-market chip. Turn signals need fluid, and mufflers need bearings, what do we need to do about the backfires?
  10. That's interesting, we have luxury vinyl planking as well, and the instructions said not to glue it because it was a floating floor.
  11. If you were glasses and a masks, you may be entitled to condensation.
  12. I've been seeing a psychiatrist for 20 years, and even he hasn't figured me out yet. Oh, and I'm married. How stuck do you think she is?
  13. Okay folks, I got the hint. Don't beat me up anymore please.
  14. We have one of those here. We went one time. You have to follow a path to the only exit I could find. What is the place caught on fire? We will never go back!
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