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  1. Keith, I have been binge reading your build to get caught up. All I can say is the level of craftsmanship is incredible. I am in awe.
  2. ccoyle, I was a member of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights for a period of time. They are a wonderful group of modelers and they were an incredible resource. Unfortunately, the distance I have to travel makes being an active member difficult and I just didn’t feel right about just popping in now and then. I do continue to follow their activities as much as I can on Facebook. Ryland, thank you for the link. I’m sure I will be binge reading build logs as I progress
  3. Hello all, new member from California. While not new to modeling, I do consider myself a beginner when it comes to ship modeling. I read the post titled A Cautionary Tale by ccoyle and I definitely fit the category of starting off biting off more than I could handle. My first attempt was the Armed Virginia Sloop kit from Model Expo. It was during the initial planking that I found I was in over my head. I set the model aside and drifted away from the hobby. There’s something about ships and modeling that just keeps drawing me back. The beauty of it just keeps pulling at me. I have since
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