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  1. Anyone know of online suppliers for modeling tools or supplies that have great sales or deals on for Black Friday?
  2. lol I'd offer one for her too but since you suggest it, I'll refrain and just extend my most sincere gratitude. Cheers.
  3. This is literally all i needed!! Thanks so much. For some reason, I just couldn't find a simplified version of the lock. They all had too many layers and too many levers LOL I'd kiss u on the lips if I knew you..😁
  4. I'm thinking that the best option is to make it as a full mortise lock; yes the vintage ones where the whole device slides into the slim side of the door and inc the mechanism for the handle as well. Some of those are rim locks - where the lock itself slides into the box or the door knob itself but i think that's just too far... I'd just have a single lever mechanism for the knob and put the keyhole beside the knob but still inside the same box/case. The key won't really be 'keyed but the lock should lock when the key is rotated manually. I've got a few patent d
  5. I've seriously considered those. any chance of a quick vid demo'ing it? pretty please?
  6. yeah, was hoping to springboard off someone else's idea but it appears that no one has done it b4 or at least they haven't publicized it.. LOL. I really wish I already knew Fusion. thx!
  7. I did see that post. Although it is for a door knob /opener rather than a lock per se, it is pretty amazing!
  8. my orig scale is dollhouse 1:12 so for things new to me, I always start there. lol
  9. Looking for directions, plans, schematics for modelling primarily locks mortise types for doors or General latches. Would like to construct in styrene first and non-ferrous Metals afterwards. I tried looking at patents but they were all very complicated and I got lost in the level of detail. Then I tried YouTube videos of people restoring mortise locks but I could never get a clear enough you of all of the parts of any particular lock. Lastly, I even tried lockpicking books and sites but they all focus on the actual process of picking locks and never the mor
  10. I have this book if I'm not too late https://books.google.com/books/about/Patina.html?id=ZiNjDwAAQBAJ
  11. I'm a guillotine girl for my copper & brass to .5mm & under. Will have to try the stainless shim I have on it too!
  12. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I'm a scrstch builder so I don't know about u but btw that and multiple mediums, (& a disability or two) it means that things take me a painfully long time lol. I hope it doesn't matter that the vessel I want to model is super simple. Not a warship or schooner or anything more than the houseboat we spent a month on when I was a teen I tend to model either memories or gifts..
  13. so does anyone want to weigh in on what the two holes that go through the table and it's fence are for?
  14. Hey all not sure how many members are Canadian let alone women but here I am. I work in a lot of different scales but started primarily 1:12 dollhousing. Mostly I love that it lets me work in multiple mediums from PE, wood, styrene and even electronics! mostly right now I'm raring to go with the first run of photo etch but first I have to get my desktop rebuilt since I'm short the artwork! so frustrating to be so close... Anyways, that's me in a nutshell. Hi to you all!
  15. any chance of a pic...not sure if my poor brain got that properly. Using the saw this way doesn't the weight of the wood itself start to where on the little hinges that came with the accessory? Sorry for so many questions that I've been looking for 2 years for decent info. Wasn't able to find anything but a few mentions.
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