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  1. Just wondering... I see you're based in England. Did you buy directly from the Syren website or is there a European distributor for that rope rocket? I think I'd like to buy the Syren rope rocket and the serv-o-matic for my next model. The supplied "rope" in kits is such a letdown.
  2. I didn't either before I started reading all the build logs here a few months ago 🙂 Looking good now, though! Have you read through Havelocks Polaris log? It's really very good for us first-timers.
  3. You're getting along nicely. We're at about the same stage now, though I started quite a bit before you. I don't mind, this way I'll have another build log to check on during my build You're model looks nice. I would take away some more material at the stern where you have to fit the stern post. If you keep it like this, it'll look a bit strange, I think.
  4. I finished my first planking yesterday. I had to end by inserting a plank to fill a gap midships (it this called a stealer too?) that I ended up with after using full width planks up to that point. For that I used a neat little technique I learned from a buildlog by a builder called Pietsan on modelbouwforum.nl (he isn't active here, I think) which I wanted to share here since mostly beginners will be following this topic. Picture 1: the gap I needed to fill. Picture 2: tape over the gap with masking tape. Note: I didn't tape al too well here, pressed the tape down
  5. Just a quick update of my progress. Have finished one side of first planking, other side is about 2 thirds done. Have had to insert a stealer and even had to put in a shorter plank to seal things up at the end. Quite happy with how this is going, but still need practice to get this right. Especially bending the planks at bow and stern. Think I might need a heatsource to get things really good there.
  6. I'm a total beginner and I'm working on Polaris. I bought the start kit to have some tools to begin with. It's a good starting point but the tools aren't the best quality (didn't expect that) and it's not enough to complete the build (at least I don't feel it is). Difficulty, at least for me, is really on point. It's challenging but not to the point of frustrating. I think the main difference with buccaneer is some extra complexity, mainly in the rigging. If you doubt your skill (I did/do) then Polaris really is a good starting point and as an added bonus, it's pretty inexpensive.
  7. I'm building polaris as well (I'm a bit further along on first planking) and ran into the same problem albeit less pronounced. The problem is the protrusion from the false deck which the bulwark fits into. If you want to fit your plank better you 'll have to remove it, file that protrusion down and then refit your plank. I was lucky to catch this issue while dry fitting. Bear in mind that you' ll be sanding and filling your first planking anyway, so fixing this isn't really necessary.
  8. Will be following this with interest. I'm building Polaris myself - my first build - and am also thinking of doing some modifications. Nothing like what you're planning, just upgrading some parts (like the plastic deadeyes and blocks, possibly the rigging thread) and adding some detail here or there. Hoping you'll be building faster than me (shouldn't be too hard, I've been going for almost three months and I'm only on first planking) so I can steal some ideas. BTW: how are you liking that building slip from Hobbyzone? I'm thinking of getting one (waiting for restock), but it's alw
  9. Following! There's a lot of these builds ongoing, but since I'm just about sure I'll be building one of these in the future I'm following every one of them. You have gotten of to a great start. 👌
  10. Time for an update. Progress has been (very) slow. In the past few weeks I was sick, we were quarantined due to a COVID-19 outbreak in my sons daycare and we've (the admiral and I) been trying to get some work (mainly painting) done in the house. But every once in a while I find myself with some time in the evening (or even the afternoon) to get a few things done. First up was fixing my deck, which turned out to be a pretty easy fix. When it had completely dried out, the damage wasn't quite as bad as it seemed at first. So I inserted some glue into the gaps and glued the damaged pa
  11. Been going at it slowly but steadily. Filed down the transom to get it flush with the false keel. Attached the deck to false keel and bulkheads. Did a nasty, dirty job but it stayed stuck. So all in all not too bad. Will need to plan this better on a next project though... Then I glued the reinforcements to the false keel and started sanding them down in preparation for the first planking. And then I messed up. I don't really have a workspace for now. Basically, I do my modelling on the dinner table when my 18 month old has gone to bed. That means I n
  12. Well I've finally finished my deck planking. Just need to smoothen the surface and then I can treat it with the dye supplied with the kit. While I wait for the scrapers I ordered to tackle this job, I'll be starting on sanding down the keel and bulkheads to mount the deck (or I'll be painting walls and doors at home 🙂 ).
  13. Likewise! And now I already know someone who can help me find supplies if I ever need them. 😉
  14. Thanks! And I hope that I will be able to "teach" (or teach) someone something in time.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome. The name has nothing to do with actual pie, I'm afraid (I don't know if I'd like bran pie...). It's just the first few letters of my last and first name put together. I mentioned my perfectionism because it's just what you call it: a bit of a curse. I generally think it's good to strive for perfection, but not if you lack the skillset to achieve it, which is usually the case for me. So that'll be something I know I'll have to fight (up to now it's going great on that account :)). Hope to see you around here...
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