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  1. Hey everyone, When I did the second planking I didn't worry about covering the openings for the gun ports as I left them in the first planking and figured it would be a simple matter of cutting them open. What I discovered is that the planking is very brittle and a clean edge is not a given. I was scratching my head over a way to cleanly cut the gun ports into the planking...thought that if I used a sharp chisel tip I could trace the openings in multiple stab cuts and get a clean edge that way but where to stab??? What follows are pics of my solution, I traced one of the port cove
  2. Hi Steve, THX much, yes I followed the tutorials as closely as I was able, reached out for some help with shaping the garboard as well. The keel and most of the stem post are going to get painted but I'm debating whether to apply veneer to them first. They both took a beating during planking and sanding. J
  3. HI Steve, She looks really good, ya gotta love tung oil on walnut. Do you plan to use the walnut below the wales or will you switch to something else for contrast? J
  4. THX Max, I hope to ave the rest of the color added sometime this week, will defiantly post pics as she moves forward. J
  5. Hello everyone, I've finally some progress to post. The second planking is complete and sanded out, water line has been masked off and painted with 2 primer coats and two color coats. The "white stuff" is simulated using primarily white acrylic paint with a drop of yellow and brown mixed in. The rest of the hull will be stained a walnut brown I decided to use an ebony on the rub starkes so they stand out against the darker hull. I'll post more pics as she progresses. THX for your time and attention
  6. Hi Steve, I can't speak for others but it sure does for me, got a BIG stack of ripped up planking...though I think some times I'm too pickey, but my eye always goes right to any glitch thats there. You'll get it where you want it in time, just keep beating on it! J
  7. Hi Steve, To answer your question I started low and worked up, thinking if I was to end up with a half plank I'd want it under the handrail. Based on the quality of workmanship shown in your photos I think you be able to handle the garboard. J
  8. Hey Steve, Maybe, It may work better on a double plank hull... I don't know for sure myself. The Moon is progressing though slowly, the planking on the wales went well, but I've been struggling to complete her from the keel up, lots and lots of redo's, why I haven’t posted any new pics in a while. I've only two 5 plank sections of each side left though so hopefully it will in be paint and stain soon. J
  9. Hey Steve, Sounds like you have a plan, I too find it difficult, on my next build I'm going to try using shorter lengths instead of running a plank down the entire hull, but I'm sure there are challenges there as well. Keep up the good work J
  10. Hey Steve, She looks good so far; a question though, are you planning on narrower planks for the lower hull? You may have an issue getting the wide ones to take the bends required, especially that double 90 at the stern! THX J
  11. Hey All, Working on the second planking, the stern deadwood is complete as well as the stern post. I'm using the dark walnut low on the hull as I plan to paint below the water line, below the wales will be the kit supplied tanganyka, to provide contrast to the upper dark walnut on the wales. I use a little stain to minimize the contrast between the kit walnut and the new materiel above the wales, not sure about that yet.. THX J
  12. Steve, She is looking good, really like what you did to add a true keel and stem and stern posts. I'll have to remember that one. The detail in your log is just right, I think most of us enjoy seeing how others accomplish their tasks and solve problems that arise. Nice work. J
  13. Hey Steve, Thx for your kind comments, it is an interesting ship to build with its own set of challenges, I see yours is a Corel kit as well, watch out for the difference between the plan drawing and the instruction drawing, they show plank/stark #34 in two different locations and created much grief for me! Hi Rick, Your Mayflower is looking good. I get your apprehension about putting to much tension of the planking, but if you soak them first they will go where you need them to. Something that may also work for you on your second level are push pins. You push them into the first layer
  14. Some progress to report, I was have some issues with the veneer I purchased to make planks from. It was really brittle so when tried to cut it with an xacto style blade it wouldn't cut cleanly, the material kept splintering. When I tried the bandsaw the material was so thin it would get stuck under the fence. My solution was to construct a new saw "table" out of sheet styrene to which I glued a fence fixed at the correct width, in this case 4mm. This jig was just taped to the saw table. To prepare the veneer I cut a 32 inch sheet in two and glued the two halves together, giving me a d
  15. Hi Rick, First thanks much for your kind words, and yes I have checked out (via internet) the Netherlands model as well as the builds on this site and others. As for nails...I left them in, and they will interfere with sanding, what I did was set the heads slightly below the wood surface with a nail set. Is your Mayflower a single or double plank model? If double plank that technique works for the first layer of planks. The second layer is held on with a combination of CA and PVA glues. If your ship is a single plank you'll want to remove them. That can be difficult if the nails ar
  16. Max, Your HM is really coming along, my build has stalled a bit while I sort out making more planking from venner. I agree with all the previous comments, she is a beautful creation and you should be proud. J
  17. a few pics to add, painted out the blue and repainted the inner wales, finished the bow planking. I've installed some pins to attach the rub stakes to so I can glue them with white glue instead of CA. I always manage to get the stuff everywhere and have no desire to strip the planking again! THX j
  18. Got more of hte second planking done, added the colored planking to the stern
  19. Very nice, Anja, will you be leaving her a natural wood finish or do you plan to add paint? I am planing a combination of the two for my build. THX J
  20. THX Anja, I have been following your HM build and I think you've done a good job with you Moon,she looks very nice. The HM does present some challanges but I believe that is what give her such a pleasing shape when she is completed. I've restarted the second planking.. working up from the wales,pics follow. THX J
  21. Thanks Max, it has had its challenges so far but the HM does have a nice shape. Some of the finished models of her I've seen are very nice. Thanks again for your interest. J
  22. Hi Anja , I too have been following your log with great interest as I'm working on my half moon too. I'm waiting to see how you solve the hard parts. lol THX J
  23. I've stripped the hull back to the first layer(with the exception of the garboard) of planking. After studying the HM at the stage it was in and re-re-reading the instructions I discovered I had started the rub planks about an inch to low, so off they came. J
  24. Just a few pics to add, worked on the rub starkes and the 2nd layer planking between them, also painted the inside of the wales red but it's way to bright I'll need to get something more subdued THX J
  25. THX Much Nick, good to be back, the HM is coming along but there are glitches and bound to be more THX J
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