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  1. Another nonship project...this time a 54mm French grenadier from the Napoleonic period. Found this guy diggin' around in the archives. no telling how long I've had the kit... must be quite a while since I only paid 79 cent for it!! I've been determined to get my figure painting skill back to where they used to be thirty some years ago, so this was the perfect subject to start with, but first I picked up a couple tools to help. A lighted magnifier and a rechargeable hi intensity led light Found the flag online and printed it off, the "dirt" is painted cat litte
  2. It always takes me longer to weather then anything else, I usually break it down to about 9-10 separate steps
  3. Ya its gonna be "set" into the landscape of the base...still gotta finish the little dudes
  4. Thx D, actually that’s the best part of military modeling, least IMO
  5. Shots of the completed figure mounted up Thanks for all the likes
  6. Just adding a couple shots of the tank commander...a modified Tamiya figure done with artist oils, I'm not as good with figure as I used to be...hands shake a little more and can't focus the peepers the way I used to, sucks being vintage!! Still a little touch up required.
  7. and last but not least is a little Panzer II, painted in Afrika Korp livery, the tank is complete but I'm still working on the commander figure, this too will receive a vignette base. And that's it for now...how I spent my summer vacation
  8. Next up is a German halftrack used as a armored troop carrier, this is a work in progress as the vehicle needs a little more weathering and the figure painting is not finished. This too will receive a base but something that represents the Russian steppes outside Stalingrad
  9. Didn't do any ships over the summer but did hit the model stash again...drug out some Tamiya military kits, I've had these in storage from the mid 80's. First up is a Sherman representing a vehicle from the 5th cav division late in the war. Kit was built box stock the focus was on paint and weathering, kit figure was done with artist oils. Eventually I'll mount this on a vignette base...probably a cobblestone road
  10. Well if I had another kit laying around I’d consider it, I was digging through the stash again and came up with some armor and other military subjects. Benn besting on some of that stuff
  11. Lol...thx much, got some stuff to post in the non ship section but gotta get some pics first. Not sure what ship may be next, it will be a scratch build though, that I’m sure of. I see you’ve been busy.
  12. Hi Oliver feel free to add anything you would like, but may I suggest you start a log of your own, we would all be interested in seeing your Aglis
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