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  1. Sanding and filling done! I don't know how many times in need to learn this lesson: Less filler is better than more. Doesn't matter if it's drywall, Bondo or wood filler I always seem to use too much, then spending a delightful afternoon sanding!
  2. Been a while since I updated, work always getting in the way of my hobbies! But finally here is the first hull planking progress. Marked the Lower Gun Deck to help me cut out the gun ports next And the laying of the last inner hull plank!!! I felt like opening Champagne after that but will settle for a beer... Now for the sanding and filling! Happy building all!
  3. Got some planking done this week. Working bi-laterally so moving along slowly but surely. One thing that I found that was critical is some balsa forms on the first frames to guide the planking. Not included in the kit but really needed to get some good shape to the bow. How she's looking so far:
  4. Progress from last week. Got the internal planking done and painted. Use the diluted PVA on the outside of those planks to hopefully help when I cut in the gun ports. And now with the decks pinned into place. You can see at the fore section of the lower gun deck a slight split when it seated. As I mentioned above this bothers me but will not be visible once the upper gun deck is in place. The middle visible section turned out well. I'm putting this on the list to do better next time! Starting to get the outer hull planking this week! It's a beast of a ship so that will take me some time. Honestly just think I'll get 3-4 per side each day if work and family allow. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the information. Following the history of the Aggie has been fascinating. Now that CGI is getting so good, I think making these productions will be more in reach than they used to. I'll for sure check out that Podcast!
  6. Bulkhead prep to on the front to get some nice bevel was some guesswork and working one plank along the surface but it seemed to work out ok so far. Guess I'll know for sure when I start the outer planking! My wife was unimpressed by the new use of her colorful clips raided from her office... Lower gun deck planking. I decided to split in two halves to lay the planking down. Used CA glue to lay the planking and made a few mistakes on getting it square. Used a Sharpe for calking and pencil for the treenail marks. Used a Honey Maple stain on the deck. A little darker than I had planned but it worked out OK. Final varnish and stain Here I how is did the attachment of the lower gun deck. I wasn't thrilled with how I got the final deck as the fore and aft sections came gapped out a bit. But as they were being covered over by the upper gun deck I didn't loose any sleep over it. I'll probably loose some sleep when I do the upper deck! Now that I'm posting these pictures it occurred to me what a mess my workspace is. I'll 5S it up and post more of my build tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. This forum has been a fantastic help as I've gotten back into model ship building after a good 15 year break! I purchased the kit from Modelers Workshop just after Christmas and figured I would post my progress to share the build and all the various mistakes and success along the way. First, I highly recommend Rick Shousha from Modelers Workshop. He was a tremendous help in getting the kit and all the basic supplies in the time of COVID where everything seemed to be scarce. His customer service was outstanding! In addition, watching others build logs was fascinating and extremely helpful. Special thanks to Henke, Ooglee and Kusawa2000 Aggie builds that were particularly helpful so far. Thanks for all the shares and ideas from the forums and happy to be doing the same along the way.
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