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  1. It is still possible to export to .stl files, It is in the export drop down menu for the file, you just have to scroll down the menu box a little. The most frustrating thing I find about the free version is not being able to save as a .pdf file anymore. Took me ages to find out how to get around this and actually print a file
  2. There are web sites you can either purchase or are free for some items such as thingiverse but they are generic and not always accurate to a period. Using other sites such as hero forge you are able to design a figure that resembles a sailor, but it is biased towards fantasy so clothing is an issue. You are able to pose however you want for the situation though, and the cost of the .stl file is not that much. One of the biggest issues especially on the slicer Citubox is determining what size to print, you can scale of course, but if drawing full size a calculation needs to be under
  3. Thank you for sharing this Bitao, it is a wonderful piece
  4. Mate, you are a monster, you have wasted no time in getting stated. You must spend hours in your shop. I am retired and still can't find the time to work that fast Looking forward to watching your progress on this build as well. Regards
  5. This might brand me as a heretic on your build, but have you considered resin printing the grate as a solution to making in timber? Regards Noel
  6. Bostin achievement buddy. Congratulations on completing this in only 1 year Superb skills
  7. Hi GL I am intrigued. Can I ask what made you go down the route of laminating the planking rather than just double planking to get the same effect? From my experience Mahogany can be very brittle when trying to form as it is without the added issues of a glue layer holding it back Best regards Noel
  8. Outstanding work at this scale Giampieroricci. What I also find amazing is you only started this 12 months ago.
  9. Hi Allan Yes it is quite a coup, the project is certainly gathering a bit of momentum now for the mini seriesI I am looking forward to the podcasts, there are some interesting topics proposed judging by the intro Best Regards
  10. This is bound to be of an interest to many out there. It has no connection to myself. This guy is looking to ultimately produce a mini series on the life of Nelson and Lady Hamilton. From the 1st May he is starting a pod cast with special interest to maritime Britain during this period. He has a taster podcast out currently explaining things better than I can. You can find the links via his website below. Sounds interesting https://trafalgar.tv
  11. Perhaps Siggi, you just need to recruit a new crew of specialist painters, your last ones seem to have abandoned you to do all the work since December. Maybe you paid too little in their bonus packages. You have covered their work excellently though I must say. Noel
  12. I would agree with Tom for the time, but it will all depend on how much you are stressing the plank. If you are pre-forming the plank so you are just laying it on then 20 mins is more than enough. If on the other hand you are not pre-forming, and expecting it to hold then yes I would say you will need several hours so it does not spring back. Noel
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