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  1. Rutland do a version of it. Here is the link for you. Great to help out a fellow Yam Yam Regards Noel https://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+woodworking-tilting-angle-vice-100mm+DK7104?tyah=y
  2. Druxey, if you put the finish on a lint free cloth first and then apply this to the work, you get no splash regardless of the speed.
  3. Only time I have wished I lived closer to Sussex, would love to observe you making something like this first hand. inspiring Keith, thank you. Noel
  4. There may be one relevant information on Vanhorn's document Eighteenth Century Colonian American Merchant Ship Construction on the following site https://nautarch.tamu.edu/academic/alum.htm My apologies if if is the wrong era for you. Regards Noel
  5. Your work never ceases to amaze me Johann. Thank you for the video, it pulls your progress together so far perfectly.
  6. Although I can't disagree with you about your comments on apprenticeships Mark, I also think that necessity is the mother of invention. Too many times when asked why something is done the way it is, they answer is Because that's the way it has always been done. Sometimes a different approach is all that is needed to improve a process, there are lots of different skills on this forum which makes the sharing of knowledge possible. After all an apprenticeship with one master does not mean that another will do it the same way, but the end result can be the same. We can see this by all the different ship build methods in a particular era by different yards or countries to achieve the same results. So long as you learn by mistakes the apprentice eventually becomes the master regardless of the approach.
  7. Hi Mark They are called Japanese bar clamps. Very useful for loads of operations. Love this build, Thanks for your insight. Regards Noel
  8. The trick is relearning how to saw again. Western saws definitely need a different approach to Eastern saws No pressure is certainly the tactic, let the saw do the work. Start off on the right and square line and stick to it. They don't like changing course part way through. One of the hardest parts I had to relearn was to fight the years of muscle memory pushing a saw with tension which is a certain way to damage any of these pull saws and easy to fall back into once you get into the rhythm
  9. I love your videos Kudin. Thank you for sharing your build tips. I look forward to learning more from you. Glad to see your little furry friend keeps you in line and focused on the job. Noel.
  10. I have often thought about looking at dog grooming tables which are height adjustable and suitable for larger dogs in excess of 60kg. Has anyone gone down this route and discovered any issues?
  11. I have had the same issue with LOS. I moved with the same components to Brass black from birchwood casey for use on guns and no problems, black as you like.
  12. Not sure if it is any use to you at all and even less sure of how to, and even if I am allowed to mention or post and upload. I was lucky enough recently to pick up a number of old nautical research journals from flea bay which I am steadily reading through. There is an article in vol 14 nos 3-4 (1967) about the building of a 1/4" scale Boeier by Harry V Dunn Jr. More than happy to copy and send PM or upload if the site allows.
  13. Were the carvings done on a professional CNC set up, if not what program and mill has been used?
  14. They also do a round handle SF1 to SF4 depending on the length you want, which makes them a little easier to use than the standard handle if it helps.

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