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  1. I will chip in with a high from South West Wales.
  2. Thanks for explaining makes a lot of sense to contain within boundaries. Sometimes I feel we over complicate things to confuse ourselves on purpose.
  3. Hi Vaddoc What cad package do you use, I am trying to hard to do the same principle as yourself on a pinnace drawn by Harold Underhill on Fusion 360. Not been a cad literate person I am finding the experience frustrating trying to draw in 3d, especially the frames. Yours look very smooth, especially from frame to frame. Do you use control points, and then flexible spline, a control spline command with dimensions or some other method. Thanks Noel
  4. I think i would prefer to see this method rather than 3d printed versions, and why would you put a barnacle on such a beautiful piece of craftmanship if you are not a carver. We can't be skilled in every aspect of our hobby and I see no difference between this and using a milling machine or a lathe to create joints and components.
  5. Hi Hyw. You mention 5 of your favourite ships you wish to build, what other 3 masterpieces can we look forward to seeing in the future. Regards Noel
  6. The accuracy of your mitres and joinery at this scale is incredible. It can be so unforgiving. Great work.
  7. Hi John. I have a full set of these and could scan the articles and email them if any good to you. If you PM me your email address and give me a few days to organise, I can get them over. Regards Noel
  8. What an absolutely fantastic project and finish, very original and educational throughout. Thank you for sharing, very inspirational You should be very proud
  9. Might be a bit obvious, but if the boat is for sale with a broker would it be worth dropping them an email to ask them directly. You might get cold shouldered but you never know..
  10. The turning mentioned by Bedford is called involuted turning. The idea is to take 4 square and numbered pieces of timber. Glue a piece of paper between the mating faces, making a larger square. You then turn the required design. Once complete you separate the pieces and glue back together so the design is now on the inside. You can now turn the external design of the item. Important to go with the grain in order to ensure on invisible join.
  11. Rutland do a version of it. Here is the link for you. Great to help out a fellow Yam Yam Regards Noel https://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+woodworking-tilting-angle-vice-100mm+DK7104?tyah=y
  12. Druxey, if you put the finish on a lint free cloth first and then apply this to the work, you get no splash regardless of the speed.
  13. Only time I have wished I lived closer to Sussex, would love to observe you making something like this first hand. inspiring Keith, thank you. Noel
  14. There may be one relevant information on Vanhorn's document Eighteenth Century Colonian American Merchant Ship Construction on the following site https://nautarch.tamu.edu/academic/alum.htm My apologies if if is the wrong era for you. Regards Noel
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