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  1. Well done! I agree with Gary. Nice looking model and stand but not only that but also nicely presented build log. Thank you, Jim! What's next? Best regards Henrik
  2. I have done some dry fitting of gun barrels. Aggy starts looking mean. This leads into a question. As I understand by mid eighteenth century gun barrels were made i steel instead of bronze. An untreated bronze gun barrel is dark grey with a slight greenish tone. What was the color of a steel gun barrel at the time? We modelers tend to paint black or blacken the brass but what was the color at the time? When you look at pictures of gun barrels from HMS Victory gun barrels look painted black but that I suppose it is made to protect the barrels from rust. What did Nelson use for corrosion protection? What effect did that treatment have on the appearance of the gun barrel? Best regards Henrik
  3. My build has been slow because of house renovation. The builders took over the garage and I moved Aggy into safe storage but now I am building again struggling with the bow. Best regards Henrik
  4. Thanks Rob, The bow cheeks are laser cut and comes with the kit. I am not sure what you mean with with grates but if it is the grating you mean 🙂 they are made from combing strips coming in a bag with the kit. They are made in wood with a fantastic precision. I combine the number of strips required to size and cut away the rest. I glued combing strips together with water diluted wood resin glue (to a watery consistency). The last finish is from sand paper and then a layer of satin varnish. Best regards Henrik
  5. Rob, are you sure the bow hair brackets do not come as laser cut pieces with your kit? Please check? Best regards Henrik
  6. Thank you all for likes and comments. Lou is probably right. A model like this perhaps deserves some PE. Maybe next time 😬. And thank you for being patient with this slow build. Best regards Henrik
  7. Finally I have decided my Hood is finished. I started a little more than year ago with good progress in the beginning but gradually I lost interest. I hate to say it but I have mixed feelings about this Trumpeter kit. Some of it is excellent but parts are not very good considering the age of the kit and the price. It is a "out of box build". Maybe with some extra details it would be better? Never the less, here she is. I did a very simple diorama just for fun using toilet paper, white glue and mixes of acrylic paints in black, white green and umber. At least it gives life into the model. Does she not look sleek and mean? Best regards Henrik
  8. Have done some work on bow cheeks and hair brackets. From looking at the picture I am reminded that I by mistake broke the tip of the bow piece early in the building process 🙄 which I glued together hoping it should be visible..... I was wrong! Regards Henrik
  9. Thanks for all comments and "likes" . On free time during Christmas I have been working on the rudder. Hinges are still to be fixed to the hull but this is how it looks like for the moment. From a model building point of view 2020 has been an exiting year. A year ago I had finished the first planking. During 2020 I did gun ports, second planking, some painting, coppering and some detailing of upper gun deck. How far will I come in 2021? I have said to the Grand(e) Admiral that Aggy is a five year project. In April I am two years into the build.... Happy New Year! Henrik
  10. Thanks Rob, The cannon ball racks are called shot garlands in the instructions. They are made in 1.5 mm pre-cut walnut ply with tiny holes onto the shots sit. The shots also came with the kit and are in metal. It looks exactly like shot gun pellets (about 2.5 mm in diameter). Henrik
  11. Greetings to all fellow model boat builders around the world, Working on Aggy has been part of my corona safe Christmas celebration. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I had missed to open up two gun ports in the stern. I do not think it is mentioned in the instructions but I saw them on one of the drawings. My first thought was to leave them out but I finally decided to cut them out anyhow. Painted black they will not be seen but at least this post is a proof of their existence 🙂. Best regards Henrik
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