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  1. Have done some work on bow cheeks and hair brackets. From looking at the picture I am reminded that I by mistake broke the tip of the bow piece early in the building process 🙄 which I glued together hoping it should be visible..... I was wrong! Regards Henrik
  2. Thanks for all comments and "likes" . On free time during Christmas I have been working on the rudder. Hinges are still to be fixed to the hull but this is how it looks like for the moment. From a model building point of view 2020 has been an exiting year. A year ago I had finished the first planking. During 2020 I did gun ports, second planking, some painting, coppering and some detailing of upper gun deck. How far will I come in 2021? I have said to the Grand(e) Admiral that Aggy is a five year project. In April I am two years into the build.... Happy New Year!
  3. Thanks Rob, The cannon ball racks are called shot garlands in the instructions. They are made in 1.5 mm pre-cut walnut ply with tiny holes onto the shots sit. The shots also came with the kit and are in metal. It looks exactly like shot gun pellets (about 2.5 mm in diameter). Henrik
  4. Greetings to all fellow model boat builders around the world, Working on Aggy has been part of my corona safe Christmas celebration. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I had missed to open up two gun ports in the stern. I do not think it is mentioned in the instructions but I saw them on one of the drawings. My first thought was to leave them out but I finally decided to cut them out anyhow. Painted black they will not be seen but at least this post is a proof of their existence 🙂. Best regards Henrik
  5. Have been working on the upper gun deck four the last couple of weeks. Here is the result. Best regards Henrik
  6. Check with a gun carriage and gun and change if necessary. Your post Vane makes me realize that I have made the same mistake on my Agamemnon but my mistake was worse since I did not even read the drawing. I just did it 🙂.... best regards Henrik
  7. Thanks for likes and comments. Copper sheathing is now finished (except for the rudder...). Started painting a bit of yellow ochre. The paint is not covering very well as yellow often tends to do. I will probably have to do 4-5 layers before it is ok. The white line is Tamiya flexible masking tape which works very well. Best regards and stay safe Henrik
  8. It has been a while since my last post. Copper sheathing is almost finished after three months. Port side is finished and starboard is only missing some filling of gore lines. It feels fantastic! Regards Henrik
  9. Very nice indeed and welcome to MSW! I have a recollection building this kit as a child (mid seventies?) but it did not come out as nicely as yours, Racedees. It is an old kit. According to Scalemates it dates back to 1960 but with latest boxing from 2017. That might explain the presence of flash. It is an old mould which has squeezed out a lot of Victories over the years. Regards Henrik.
  10. Dear friends, It has been a while since last update. Have been off for some commissioning work in eastern Europe for a couple of weeks. Copper sheathing on starboard side is almost finished. Intuitively I made two gore lines aft and two at the bow. I think the result turned out quite well. It is at least good enough for me. I leave the gore lines as they are for the moment. I will try to replicate on port side before I fill them in. Regards Henrik
  11. Just a short weekly update. One side almost finished. I will leave out to fill the gore lines until I have done port side. If I close my eyes I see copper plates! Kind regards Copper-Henrik
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