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  1. thank you everyone for your responses I really appreciate it. I found quite a simple solution which involved simply sanding the pieces better so they fit into place better. thank you al!
  2. one more question, do I apply my BSI insta-cure glue around the edges of the frame? or do I apply it on the openings on the keel?
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first wooden ship model I have ever built and I'm determined to make a beautiful ship! I've ran into quite an embarrassing road-block my first day and I would like a little help. The first photo is my ship, the second photo is another person's ship. The top frame pieces on my ship are not flush to the keel like they should be on the second photo. The instructions with this kit are not clear at all, am I supposed to cut a larger opening to fit the pieces better? Please excuse my ignorance and thank you for your help! above is my ship
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