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  1. Hi all, thnx for checking in. Work continues on the Bireme, which I decided to name Ephialtes (catchy, and also the Greek word for nightmare 🙂 ). As mentioned in the titel of this thread, there ara again a lot of firsts for me in this build: - Fist Amati kit - First experience with "summary" instructions - First single planking kit - First experience with balsa wood After some general cleanup and making sure whatever still needed fitting would indeed fit, experimented with balsa for the stern: Tricky work, but very eas
  2. Well, what was I thinking... After finishing Frigate Diana (Build log), I turned my eye on one of my favorite ships since first heading about it in school: the Bireme. Amati's kit was available in the store, and after sitting on the shelf for a good ten months while Di was being built, the day was there to open the box: If I had to make an unboxing video of this kit, the whole thing would be over in about 20 seconds. Surprisingly little in there, especially instructions-wise, with 2 single sided sheets strewn with several drawings. I read in other reviews and logs that
  3. Hi Allen, thnx for your feedback, I took a picture of the mizzen mast and its yards so you can have a better look: As you said, kit is built (mostly) straight out of the box, so the parrels for the cross jack were installed as to the plans. Thnx for clarifying the actual situation. Rigging instructions are sometimes confusing (had a lot of issues with the Martingale).
  4. Thnx for the clarification Mr Watton, very helpful. I'm looking forward to seeing it appear as a finished model on the site 🙂
  5. Thnx for your feedback Paul, if you have any questions with Mercedes, don't hesitate to get in touch, I'll try to help as much as I can with my limited knowledge 🙂
  6. Verrrrry interested in this, kit quality seems exceptional. Just a bit concerned with import duties to the EU😕
  7. Thank you for your kind words, got it sorted out with a small messing pin in the mast, worked like a charm 🙂
  8. Thnx! Indeed, I'll start thinking about it.... If I can get my head away from the stern of the Bireme 🙂
  9. Hi all, thnx for checking in. It's been a while, but we're there, Frigate Diana is finished: Quite a challenging build experience as a second ship, but incredibly gratifying. Learned a lot of new stuff, including new techniques from all of you scattered over this forum (and some of my own), tried out and tested a lot more, and built my first scratch build pieces 🙂 The Admiral took a long look and then this happened: Admiral: She's gorgeous, beautiful job! Me: Thnx! Admiral: now you only (!) need to put on the sails. Me: Errm
  10. Hi al, it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy 😊. Thnaks to DavidG, the Martingale mystery was solved: After that, rigging continued with finishing off the shrouds and attacking the ratlines. Complicated as the stays were already in place, so had to work slowly and very carefully. Eventually all lines were up: Then I got to work on the upper shrouds and ratlines: And after that process, the standing rigging was in place, so on to the running rigging: Moving mast by mast, this is my favorite part o
  11. David, thank you so much for this. I usually follow the simple rule: "ropes do not touch", so that's how I got to my idea. Thnx for sharing your links and knowledge, I will visit both sites extensively! I'm a bit ahead of you indeed, and if you need any tips from someone who's not on your level of detailing or experience, I'm happy to help.
  12. Thnx! I used Occre’s Sapelli dye. I was in doubt for a while to use walnut dye but after testing that came out a bit too dark for my taste. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi all, thnx for checking in. Rigging continues unabated: As I'm not following Occr's instructions, it's a bit chaotic rigging lines while keeping an eye n the tension, but that' part of the fun I guess. Installed the gaff already, as my previous experience with Terror taught me doing these things last is a major hassle: On to the bowsprit, where Occre's instructions are unclear (contrary to their other rigging schemes). Had to improvise and make some creative decisions, but here we are now: One thing remains a mystery:
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