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  1. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas to you all! The Admiral surprised me yesterday evening: She bought me the ship I was eyeing, so HMS Terror now awaits 🙂 A bit earlier than scheduled as I'm still gathering tools and making space, but at least I won't have to look around for the ship itself. Friends of mine also gave me this: Heard about this book in this forum, so I'd put it on my wishlist. I'll be devouring this tome during the rest of the Christmas holidays, from what I've read so far it's very clearly written. After that, the real work begins.. Happy holidays!
  2. Amazing work, love what you did with the pillars, they seem perfectly aligned! What tools did you use for the planking, did you use an electric plank bender or did you use another method?
  3. Beautiful work, thnx for the visuals! Me, I'm slowly getting the tools together and freeing up space in my way too small study. Still on track to start in January though😄 . Are you going for the painted approach hull-wise? Agree on the video's, they're a big help, although sometimes a bit optimistic (3 minute video for ratlines). One thing though, in the videos they varnish AND paint the hull. Frankly I thought that was an either/or thing, but I'm probably missing something...
  4. Hi Jeff, Terror is indeed my favourite, I'd just like to understand your advice more in detail. Is it the hull shape? The overall difficulty? Thnx in advance for clarifying 🙂
  5. Hi all, Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Continuing my research before plunging in, I have a question about glue. From what I've learned, 3 types of glue are commonly used: white (wood) glue, contact-based glue and quick setting glue, each with their own benefits of course (please correct me if I'm wrong in my assumptions). Question for white glue: how long does it take to set?Is it easily removable when it's still running? Question for contact glue: I saw a false deck being planked using this technique, does the glue not cause the plank to bend? Also, I noticed glue is applied to painted surfaces and then joined. In my days working with plastic, this was a nono as the glue only stuck the paint together and not the plastic itself. I assume times have changed? Similar question regarding plank bending. I've seen a number of techniques used, from dedicated electric tools to soldering irons, to plank benders or just draped over a paint can! Is the choice between these options a matter of personal preference or are there other benefits involved? Sorry if these are basic questions, but as said I'm new here and personally I think using Youtube as a sole research resource is risky 🙂 Thnx in advance!
  6. Thank you for the comments and the tip. In all honesty I was a bit hesitant registering as I realise historical accuracy is an important element of what you are all pursuing. Not sure I can go that far for my first build, As I want to focus on developing the skillset needed to tackle a build. I hope that's ok with everyone. I want to make sure I get the basics right before moving on to bigger things. Good to know though there is a lot of info out there for the Beagle, it will definitely stay on the build Wishlist 🙂
  7. Thank you! I was hanging around here for some time, reading up on build logs. Amazed at the support that is given here, glad to see that 🙂
  8. 🙂 Goeiemorgen buurman (Good morning neighour)
  9. Thnx for the welcome! May I ask why the Terror? Something I overlooked?
  10. Hi all, Very happy to be here and introduce myself. I’m Robert, from Belgium. I’ve been a modeller for most of my younger years, working with plastic models (airspace and armor). Even then, while roaming the model shops I’d look up at the wooden kits and thought: “someday”. Lately, my interest in model construction sparked again, and this time the notion of wooden modelling was clearly set in my mind. After doing a lot of renovations in my house, I’ve come to love the material, it’s flexibility , it’s relative ease of handling and the looks. Contrary to years ago, a lot of information is readily available, so I started roaming the web for anything I could find, studying build logs on this site and viewing countless Youtube videos. I realise seeing something done and doing it yourself are two completely different things, but this gave me a hint of the challenges before me, and a lot of tips and techniques. I’m cautious by nature, so I like to get informed as much as possible before diving in. After looking at a lot of kits, I’ve become interested in buying a kit from Occre: “Widely” available in Belgium (meaning in stock at the closest store) Their wood quality seems to be ok, from what I read from reviews They provide detailed plans with lots of visual aids They provide complete video build logs of certain ships which were very helpful in finding out the specific challenges for each model. I read the “Cautionary Tale” post here, so I was thinking of finding a model that was not too difficult to make, but on the other hand would provide me with the necessary material to learn the techniques necessary. Planking and rigging look to me as the biggest hurdles. So after all this, I narrowed down my selection to 3 Occre models: HMS Beagle, HMS Terror and the Buccaneer. HMS Beagle: seems straightforward, but rigging seems very complicated compared to the other two HMS Terror: rigging a bit simpler, but the extra difficulty of having to attach the metal plating to the bow, as well as the specific white zone around the ship (sorry, don’t know the nautical term) Buccaneer: smaller than the other two, hull seems to be more complex to plank. Specific geometric design is also a challenge I think. Building in earnest is probably going to start in December/January, I’ll set up a dedicated build log then, but I’d like your expert opinions about my possible model choice. Any hints or tips are very much appreciated. Thnx in advance!

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