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  1. Thanks all , both my questions answered very clearly! Onwards with the yardarms 🙂
  2. Hi all, I'm currently working on Occre's Frigate Diana, my second build (build log here). Hull is as good as finished, and I'm working on the foremast now. In the plans, there's two items on the mast I have not seen in my first build (Occre HMS Terror, build log here) First one is part 198, a little loop that runs over a semicircle. Where does this attach to, or more to the point, what attaches to this? Second question is about two blocks (E) also running from the semicircular thingy on top ending up next to the cheeks. Same question here, what
  3. Hi all, thnx for checking in. It's been a while, lots of (remote) working and trainings, house DIY, but we managed to progress a bit. Access steps were relatively easy, used an inordinate amount of tape to ensure alignment: After that, work on the mirror started, a first for me, as Terror was nowhere near as ornate as Di's. Ended up taking a bit of creative license and continuing the gold/blue pattern on the galleries: Added a small strip on top of the windows to line them up more nicely. I realise this is not according to plan, but looks wise I
  4. Welcome to the shipyards! Thanks to these wonderful people, my first build went like a dream. Enjoy!
  5. Hi all, quick update: finished the gun deck: Added railings, supports, etc. Top tip: do NOT install the outer railings before finishing off all other work on the hull. Wen the ornaments and guns are installed, this is almost the only way to safely hold on to her. Started on the deadeyes next, got myself a 1m dowel to make sure I'd get the angles for the stays correct: On second thought, I might have overdone this a bit 🙂 But the result looks good: Next up, access ladders and the mirror.. Take care and s
  6. Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all good health and happy modelling, preferably without being confined to your home... Big update as I had two weeks off, filled with setting up the house for Christmas and continuing on Di. First, the gunport went up. Decided to keep the copper look that's out of the box, mainly because I like it (same for the cannons, which are a weathered brass colour). Some fine filing needed to be done, and I had to discover the best way of glueing them After that, deck ornaments, filed while waiting for the different la
  7. Hi all, thnx for checking in. another milestone passed earlier this week, although not quite how i imagined it: finalised and varnished the hull: If you read my previous entry, I bit the bullet and went for the install of the quarter galleries as is. I got some sound advice from Keith, studied it, but frankly I didn't have enough confidence in my abilities to pursue a scratch build of this magnitude. Hope you don't take offence, Keith, I value your input and respect your work tremendously, I just didn't feel up to it. A closer look, with some painting detai
  8. Hi all, quick update: frustration continues 😞 The shipment from the UK finally arrived, so dyed the rudder and attached it. Found a new way to handle the rivets, and the nightmare I had with riveting Terror's rudder was no more (hint: better tooling, aka fine tweezers). Started working on the quarter galleries over a week ago, and still in prep phase. The pieces just don't line up as described in the plans or the pictures. Normally the bottom metal piece should align with the top of the rubbing strake, but that doesn't work. Checked the other bu
  9. Hi all, thnx for checking in. It's been a frustrating week at the shipyard, as the dyes and paints I ordered from Cornwall are still on their way 😞 . The Belgian Postal Service (often compared favourably to a carrier pigeon with no sense of direction), is apparently still trying to determine what to do with such a bulky volume (4 dye bottles and 3 little paint cans). Thing is, I need the dye for the rudder, the paint for the quarter galleries. Only then can I varnish the hull, and only then can I install the deck fittings (as I don't want to turn the hull upside down for varnishing
  10. Hi all, thnx for checking in. Small update and a question (see below). Finalised the bow ornaments today, that only took me about a week 🙂 Started with the top sweeps: I kept the bowsprit dry fitted as long as I could, to make sure the alignment would not go off. Dropped the lower sweeps, but I made a mistake I only saw later, as the bend was too far away so the lines mess up a bit. Decided to continue regardless. Then the final details: Hull is almost finished now, just attaching the rudde
  11. Hi all, thnx for checking in. Got the mirror in place after a bit of a struggle. Suffice it to say I have one nail hole to hide 🙂 Started on the bow ornaments, but after the first pieces I realised I was going to make my life very difficult painting the rubbing strakes after this section was finished. Soooo, put the ornaments aside and started painting. For one reason or another, the black varnish I used on Terror did not really like the African walnut; after two layers hardly anything took. So sanded down the layers and put on some matte black acrylic paint:
  12. Great job on the planking, congrats! Still trying to get my head around the technique, so your descriptions and pictures are really helpful. The Sapelli veneer can be a handful, very brittle, difficult to cut into shape. I had no issue bending sideways as long as the strip was long enough. I used 2 strip halves, cut in different places so they wouldn't align on the hull. I didn't use the cobblers glue which they're so fond of in the instructions, as you can hardly correct afterwards (and it stinks to high heaven). Used Mantua aliphatic glue, at key points (bow, any bend
  13. Hi all, thnx for checking in. It's been a while, but I've been busy: First the catheads: Occre's instructions show the catheads at a very shallow angle, but the plans mark a 45° angle from the heartline. This seemed to make more sense so I went with that. The instructions also showed how to construct off-boat, and then magically fit it into place. Didn't trust that too much, so went for a different approach: Marked the angles on tape using the middle of the openings as a reference: Then constructed the catheads off boat, making sure they fit properly
  14. Hi all, thnx for checking in. DavidG, chose the hard way, also as a learning experience: fitted the African Walnut. In retrospect, your second option would have been the optimal one, as I'm painting the strakes anyway, and that would not have left me with a nasty carving mark 😞 think I can minimise it though. Placed the top strakes and rounded off the corner strip: Now working on the gunport sides, the catheads and the railings...
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