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  1. Thanks for sharing. I knew the black and white one is contemporary but didn’t realize it was the HL. I will still, probably omit them from my model.
  2. I am going to omit the bridges, to reduce a cluttered look. No photos of this ship are known but there are several contemporary artist depictions that vary in quality. None show the bridges. One of these, from 1858, Harper’s Weekly, is attached. Amusingly, the smoke blows the wrong way here😀 Artistic license. I will add the king posts and wheelcover chains.
  3. My rigging is done. Just deck stuff left——- life boat ( or boats), cannons, windlass-anchors, and the rest of the skylights and companion ways. Many glitches, but the overall effect “looks convincing”. —- to me🙂
  4. I am always grateful for advice from more knowlagleable and more experienced builders.
  5. Five of the six foremast braces are in place and belayed to the mainmast fife rail. I am adding the four mainmast stayes. The starboard lower is in place. The four were pre-fabd, with deadeye reaving beforehand.
  6. Since I do much of my work while wearing loops like those used by dentists, my restricted vision make thrusting my hand in the wrong place an ever present hazard.😕
  7. My buntlines and clewlines are in place. One more shroud and my rigging on the square rigged foremast is complete. I need to reave and prepare five more shrouds, one for the foremast, and four for the main mast. Next I will add the stays, then the braces. Also a couple of jib sails. After that, more skylights and deck accessories like the windlass, bridges, cannons and davits. The end of my modeling is in sight. The paper object on the forestay is to remind me it is there, and help me to not stick my hand into it.🤣
  8. Once on the pin, the buntlines are secured to the mast, such, that on this tiny model, they appear to go to the sails, when they, in fact, stop at the cross tree.
  9. Preparing the buntlines. Loop formed around metal shank, secured with an overhand knot and a minuscule drop of glue. Then the loop is “trained” by soaking in glue, flattening, and bending to act as a rope draped over a belaying pin. This is then placed on the belaying pin, with long pointed stamp tongs, and secured with a minuscule glue drop.
  10. Belaying my buntlines to the starboard pinrail one by one. This pushes my model making ability to the max. I am creating the illusion that they go to the mast top but they end at the cross tree. After these are in on both sides, I will add the back stays.
  11. I bought two books that should answer my questions even though I know one of dates way before the period of my ship.
  12. I am replacing the top sail with one that appears to be more correct. I am only putting these two square sails on the model. I am going to add two of the jib sails and need to study how those are rigged. Any instruction is welcome!
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