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  1. Incredible work! I'm also doing the Polaris, though I'm a bit behind you (I'm halfway through planking). Looking forward to following your progress. Perhaps a simple question, but any tips for sanding the hull after first planking? Any inexpensive tools that were helpful?
  2. Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while and finally made an account because this community seems so incredibly helpful and supportive. I started getting interested in ships after reading several books on whaling & Antarctic exploration, and decided to ease myself into the hobby with the OcCre Polaris kit. Currently halfway through planking and I'm making mistakes, learning a lot, and having fun with it. It's my first-ever model anything, and Havelock's build log has been my saving grace! Other hobbies include gardening, NYT crossword puzzles, and drinking scotch...I'm a grandpa at heart despite being a 30 y.o. woman 😄 Cheers! DrK
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