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  1. I went to the neighborhood thrift store and picked up an old plug-in percolator-type coffee pot. I believe that's what Frank Mastini recommended in "Ship Modeling Simplified." The only thing I have to do is make sure it's unplugged when I'm done using it.
  2. Going to have to read that. I've read a lot of his books, I didn't know he's a sailor and I don't think I've ever read anything about sunfish, though I've had one in some driveway or the other since I was a kid.
  3. There's the boat by Canadian author Farley Mowat who wrote about her in "The Boat Who Wouldn't Float." It's been a long time since I read it, but I remember it was enjoyable.
  4. Just jumping on to this log now. Beautiful work. I'm building the Roter Lowe and had been concerned about the paper decorations. But yours look great.
  5. I use acrylics, too, and what rcweir said about cleaning is very true. When I have problems with my airbrush, it's usually because I got lazy and didn't clean enough. Whenever I'm done, I'll run straight water through the airbrush to clear out the paint and then disconnect the supply, turn it upside down, and blow out whatever water remains. That's usually good enough when working with multiple colors, but when I start a new project, I usually take mine apart, clean it pretty thoroughly and start anew.
  6. I've had a Badger for about 20 years now, I believe it's a Model 155. The thing is well made, is easy to clean and usually allows me to do whatever it is I want to do with it. It's also easy to take apart and reassemble when I want to give it a really good cleaning. I think it's one of Badger's relatively inexpensive models. Got mine, along with a compressor, from Model Expo. Both have held up very well. I would recommend getting a compressor. Prior to getting the Badger I'd tried using an inexpensive plastic airbrush with cans of air and didn't have much luck and really couldn't figure out ho
  7. I just recently ordered one of their small torpedo boats and their PC-461 subchaser. I haven't built either yet, but they came quickly and the quality of the moldings seems good with lots of detail molded on, though there is a little flash. I've never done resin before, and these looked like good places to start. At about $25 for each kit, though they are small, they seem like a good deal, since they do come with the photoetch you need. Let me know if you'd like pictures of the unbuilt kits.
  8. Going a little covid-stir-crazy, so broke out the Dremel tool today and filed the bulwarks to the curved outline from the plans. Fairly easy to do, though the Dremel quickly takes wood away and I have one divit that I will need to fill when I sandwich it between two layers of second planking.
  9. One of the best things about working from home (but don't tell my boss).
  10. Jean-Pierre, you are right. The ship history that came with the kit said she was a ship used by the Elector of Brandenburg. She was built in the Netherlands and then sold to him. That's why I called it Dutch. It looks like she served in the Baltic around Konigsberg.
  11. Zappto, Sorry for not responding sooner. Yes, the stern gets a covered during the second planking. I will do it first, and then the rest of the hull. This way, the ends of the stern planking will be covered by the ends of the hull plank, which should make it look better when viewed from the side.
  12. I figure since I am moving forward, I'll post some pictures of the jig I used to determine the angle of curve for the bulwark. My wife saw me cutting out the stern piece and wanted to know why I was making a wax paper jack-o-lantern.
  13. I also play the tin whistle and recorder and have been threatening to learn the bagpipes, but had the same fears about maintaining my marital status. This year for Christmas I got an electronic bagpipe chanter that allows you to play while wearing headphones. I think it was a subtle comment on my playing.
  14. The problem, I find, with being bad at banjo is that the things are so godawful loud. I can play my electric guitar with the headphones on and not bother anyone. I need to close the door when I pick up the mandolin, but it can also be played pretty softly. But the banjo? That sends folks running for the hills when I attempt it.
  15. Taking a look at my log, I realize I had skipped a step. A couple of months ago I planked the facings of the cabins. I wasn't particularly happy with how they turned out, (maybe that's why I didn't post pictures) particularly the facing of the stern castle leading to the waist. On reflection, I probably should have planked them once I installed the false fronts and before I did the hull planking. I also starting from the top and worked my way down, since I had to leave the posts for the rails uncovered. That led to some difficulties when I got close to the deck. Something to consider if you ar
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