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  1. Reminds me of a friend who bought a new huge Marshall amp without telling his wife. The giveaway was when he couldn’t carry it up the stairs on his own....
  2. Well I cut the nut off and after a bit of effort I got the collet off the flexible drive shaft. New nut ordered! Back on Brig Speedy tomorrow. Thank you for your ideas. Really appreciated. I find this forum an absolutely amazing place.
  3. The stub at the top of he photo is the end of the collet. I have had a go at trying to unscrew the collet nut with no luck. The collet nut is loose on the collet but I can’t get the collet off the flexible drive shaft. I think it’s FUBAR as our American friends say. Thanks for your ideas and have a better day!
  4. Thanks guys. The 1,000 word photo below. The collet nut is loose but the collet will not let go of the flexible shaft.
  5. So being a typical accountant I’ve got a collet stuck on a Proxxon drill spindle. Probably explains why I was rugby tackled to the ground by engineers in the office when I went to pick up anything mechanical. Any ideas both on removing it and how not to do it again? Be gentle, remember my profession....
  6. I thinking of buying the Naiad books and I live in the UK. Does anyone know if duty is to be paid?
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