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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a program where I can scan a plan and use it to design the frames and keel. I need it to be pretty simple. Not needing a 3D program. Free if possible 🙂
  2. Has anyone ever used a pantograph to enlarge or reduce ship model plans? If so was the pantograph custom made and the markings.
  3. I have to cut down a willow tree. Can the wood be used for anything in the ship model?
  4. I am resuming my build of the Mamoli Flying Cloud. I was looking at the plans and they do not show a rabbet or bearding line. I have already added the bulkheads to the frame. What would be the correct way to add these and where for the bearding line? Thanks
  5. Hello, What is a good replacement blade for a proxxon FET saw? Need one for fine cuts. Thanks
  6. Have completed the keel sections and am ready to proceed. Asking permission for the rest of the plans.
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