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  1. Time for an update in the ships log, it's been a while unfortunately. Finally found some time to get a little more work in! I've still been kinda scratching my head when it comes to fairing the bulkheads, so I was doing a little more searching and reading of the pages from the guys and little more experienced then myself, and it seemed I was doing at least one small thing wrong. It would appear that most would pin and pear batton to each bulkhead, whereas I have been pinning a few in between....this had lead to the batton popping off the bulkheads as points it otherwise would not. So long sto
  2. Mog the ship looks great! I really love the colors you chose, it does give it an older look! Will be following this build closely as well. Also, where did you get your keel clamp from? I've got a handmade one that's not so hot...
  3. Okay so it's been a really long time since I've made any updates....because it's been way too long since I've been able to work on her! I've finally graduated so now I should have much more time for it! I've decided to take a little break from fairing the hull and work on the long boat a bit, I figured that would give me some practice with shaping a bit. Just got the layers fled up and waiting for her to dry, should start shaping her up in the next few days!
  4. Looking really good scott, moving right along. I agree, the angled look to the aides of the grates looks good!
  5. Still here too! Been following your log still but I've been pretty inactive until school finished up...4 more weeks! Build has been going well for you though, keep it going!
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement! Unfortunately I haven't had too much time lately to work on the ship as school is priority right now! I been comparing my lines to the lines shown from the top view on the plans and it's been going pretty well so far, but again I haven't done much. Using bulkhead G as my "focal" point I've been working my way forward. Using the middle bulkhead as the reference point and not making any changes to it to keep things consistent throughout the hull. Just working on the starboard side of the ship, I've had to add a few shims to some bulkheads up
  7. Markku - Thanks for the advice, I've been trying to go as closely to the plans as possible so I can get all the lines in the right ball park. Any changes I make I measure against the plans to make sure the overall shape is correct. Scott- I realized that was to be enclosed as I went back to it, not sure why I was going crazy over that back part. Just my inexperience and lack of knowledge as far as how certain things could change the end product. Slow learning process via answers on here and reading others builds....we'll get there eventually! Not too much progress over the last week, b
  8. Looks like the build is coming along really well for you! Made quite a bit of progress with it now, looking forward to seeing how it all works out for you, especially the next upcoming steps.
  9. Scott - Thanks again for the reply! Sorry for all the questions, and I'll apologize in advance for the many more that will be coming! I've been following your log and it appears to be coming along nicely! I will keep that in mind when I really start looking at the hull lines. Still working on getting the deck lines appropriate and smooth. Mog - Took a look at your build...looks really nice! I really like the wood colors that you chose for the ship, very, very nice! I'm interested in doing some of the scratch building myself, but for this build I'll probably build it pretty much to the plan
  10. Sport and Scott, thanks for taking the time to respond! After reading the responses, I went ahead and lined up the few bulkheads whose reference lines were a little off. Afterwards I went ahead and sanded down the decks of those that were off, fortunately none needed material added, just a little bit shaved off the top. I first lightly sanded the decks to remove the laser burn. I then went ahead and used the side of a pencil to mark just along the border of the bulkhead and sanded with the rough side of an Emory board just until the line disappeared. I think checked the bulkhead against th
  11. Sport - Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling lining the decks up would probably be the easies way to do it. She's a really good looking ship, and for the price of the kit....hard to beat! As far as getting everything lined up properly, let me just make sure I have the idea right: Above, I'm lucky enough that B lines up pretty well, maybe very slightly low on the bottom, but the deck seems pretty much lined up with the top of the center keel and the reference lines are matched. However, this is really the only one Here E is high on the deck side but the reference line and
  12. Scott - Thanks for the kind words. I had a buddy of mine cut a block of wood for me making sure that it was square on all sides...what a guy JSGerson - Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here! It's very fortunate that there are so many quality builds of the RS on here, a lot of great information already here...invaluable resource! Well, I haven't had too much time to work on the RS since I got back from vacation, but I was able to get the rabbet cut out. I got it as close to 1/16th as I could while trying to keep a consistent depth along the length, and equal on both sides. As this is
  13. Scott - Thanks again for the reply. I wound up going with a taper on the stem similar to what you had mentioned. Unfortunately I can't attach it to the rest of the center keel yet as it is currently being pressed between two flat sheets of wood. While waiting for my center keel to dry and hopefully flatten, I decided to do some work on the stem piece. I took out the dremel and cut the slot and taper for the figurehead to fit. This is my first attempt at something like this, and I'm pleased with how it came out. There's a little bit of air space but it's not terrible. If I decide to paint t
  14. Helmsman - Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here and definitely looking forward to the build! Scott - Thanks for stopping by. Yes I was reading into your log on the snake. I picked up the photocopier method for checking bulkhead symmetry...great tip! I also saw the way that you've tapered the stem piece. This was the only build log I happened to see that mentioned in however. What i'm really wondering is, do I make the taper from the waterline to the top the same? Should it be tapered enough to fit the figurehead on, or will I have to taper the section his legs go over separately anyhow?
  15. Jpett, very nice build! Will definitely be (and have been, really) following this for inspiration....and information!
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