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  1. Time for an update in the ships log, it's been a while unfortunately. Finally found some time to get a little more work in! I've still been kinda scratching my head when it comes to fairing the bulkheads, so I was doing a little more searching and reading of the pages from the guys and little more experienced then myself, and it seemed I was doing at least one small thing wrong. It would appear that most would pin and pear batton to each bulkhead, whereas I have been pinning a few in between....this had lead to the batton popping off the bulkheads as points it otherwise would not. So long story short, I "properly" pinned the batton along what I measured the waterline to be to get an idea of how it would look, and much better. It looks like I still need to make some small adjustments however. Here is how the line looks now I'm not 100% sure, but it would appear that the curve at bulkhead C is maybe a little too sharp? What do you guys think? Should I add some to B or possibly sand some down from D? Not sure what the best option would be here...still inexperienced!
  2. Mog the ship looks great! I really love the colors you chose, it does give it an older look! Will be following this build closely as well. Also, where did you get your keel clamp from? I've got a handmade one that's not so hot...
  3. Okay so it's been a really long time since I've made any updates....because it's been way too long since I've been able to work on her! I've finally graduated so now I should have much more time for it! I've decided to take a little break from fairing the hull and work on the long boat a bit, I figured that would give me some practice with shaping a bit. Just got the layers fled up and waiting for her to dry, should start shaping her up in the next few days!
  4. Looking really good scott, moving right along. I agree, the angled look to the aides of the grates looks good!
  5. Still here too! Been following your log still but I've been pretty inactive until school finished up...4 more weeks! Build has been going well for you though, keep it going!
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement! Unfortunately I haven't had too much time lately to work on the ship as school is priority right now! I been comparing my lines to the lines shown from the top view on the plans and it's been going pretty well so far, but again I haven't done much. Using bulkhead G as my "focal" point I've been working my way forward. Using the middle bulkhead as the reference point and not making any changes to it to keep things consistent throughout the hull. Just working on the starboard side of the ship, I've had to add a few shims to some bulkheads up towards the bow of the ship to get the lines looking right. Now it's time to fair and bevel them. Will get some more pictures up when I've gotten at least the one side "completed"!
  7. Markku - Thanks for the advice, I've been trying to go as closely to the plans as possible so I can get all the lines in the right ball park. Any changes I make I measure against the plans to make sure the overall shape is correct. Scott- I realized that was to be enclosed as I went back to it, not sure why I was going crazy over that back part. Just my inexperience and lack of knowledge as far as how certain things could change the end product. Slow learning process via answers on here and reading others builds....we'll get there eventually! Not too much progress over the last week, busy with school for now. I did manage to get all of the top decks sanded properly and check with battens, everything seems to be okay there. I wound up cutting off the quarter deck section of bulkhead "L" and shaping my own against the plans from strips of the smaller planks. It wasn't even just high in the center, the overall shape of the bulkhead was completely off!!! I also cut the bevels in A and M (almost to the 1/16th thickness in the plans) with a little wiggle room to make up for any differences in my lines from what the plans are. All the bulkheads have been glued into place with balsa blocks between them to reinforce the hull. Even after reading everyone's issue with the frailty of the basswood, it's still surprisingly so hands on! Hopefully these will help with that. I've gotten the blocks on the sides of the mast slots for reinforcements, and they've been drilled out (by hand, of course) as stated in the manual....all pretty basic steps. It's nice to finally start to see some sort of hull shape coming together! I have begun the shaping of the hull now using battens. There were a few bulkheads that went across the bearding line, which were cut and sanded in an attempt to keep the overall shape intact. I don't have a picture but it looks like it came out fairly well. Now starting with a batten along the gun deck, I've started to check the hull lines. So far, the aft end of the ship is coming along fairly well I believe. This is without much in the way of sanding except bulkheads "G" and "H". Looks like a few will need some shims, which makes sense as those are also sitting a bit above the bearding line. Towards the bow of the ship is a bit of a different story. It looks like bulkheads "B" and "D" will need some shims. Also I'm not so sure the line is supposed to be that straight between bulkheads "E,FG". Again, being unfamiliar with how the lines are really "supposed" to go is making this a bit difficult, and I'm finding it hard to see it on the plans....but we'll get there. My only question (so far) for this segment is how far should I really "bend in" the batten at the bow when checking the lines. If you note in the above picture, I have the batten squeezed in gently towards to the bow, but not touching bulkhead "A". If I push it in to make contact with "A" the batten then winds up bending way out towards "D", "E", and "F", giving a very unnatural look to the ship (at least in my opinion). Thanks again for taking the time to check out my log, and for the advice offered! Looking forward to seeing more of your builds as well!
  8. Looks like the build is coming along really well for you! Made quite a bit of progress with it now, looking forward to seeing how it all works out for you, especially the next upcoming steps.
  9. Scott - Thanks again for the reply! Sorry for all the questions, and I'll apologize in advance for the many more that will be coming! I've been following your log and it appears to be coming along nicely! I will keep that in mind when I really start looking at the hull lines. Still working on getting the deck lines appropriate and smooth. Mog - Took a look at your build...looks really nice! I really like the wood colors that you chose for the ship, very, very nice! I'm interested in doing some of the scratch building myself, but for this build I'll probably build it pretty much to the plans/instructions. My plan is to try to make it look like the current rendition of the rattlesnake that's being restored in Florida currently. My issue right now is that I'm not really sure how a change here and there will effect the ship in the long run. Once I get a better idea of how it all works, I'll do my thing! So it's been a rough weekend and start to the week, only had a little bit of time to work where I felt like working. Still working on getting the deck lines proper, and getting the hull reinforced. I have a better idea of how it works now, but still not 100% sure. My OCD is making me go back again, and again, and again to try to get the lines as close to perfect as I can now. I've got all the reference lines matched up, and the top decks sanded down and as close to proper lines as I can see/know what to look for. The bow end of the ship is lined up pretty nice, the line flows smoothly from the center bulkheads up to bulkhead "A". Lying a batten across the keel reveals only a hairline difference in some places, but it touches the vast majority of it and lines up well. However the aft section is a different story. On the outer edges of the bulkheads the line is smooth, however across the keel is a different story. If I lay a batten across the entire keel section, the bow is nice, but it seems like there are some low spots on the keel. The sections between bulkhead slots don't seem to be as smooth as curve on the wood as it shows in the plans...it's more like steps then cut at proper angles to get the flow correct. I've attached a picture to show what I mean If I push down on the batten to get it to sit on the keel (I am able to do this, it's not raised because the bulkheads are in the way) there are some funky lines with flat spots and then steep curves. I've seen some people add shims to the keel....is this to fix this issue? Is this less of an issue that I seem to be making it? I could see easily adding some shims and sanding them down to the proper angles to get the right line, I'm just checking to see if this is the proper fix. The next issue I've been addressing is the mis-alignment of the quarterdeck lines. I was having a similar issue to Scott, where it seemed like bulkhead "L" and bulkhead "M" where a little higher then they should be, so a batten would not touch I,J or K. My first solution was to sand down M and L a little, and add some small shims to I,J and K to get it to have the same line as the deck. However, upon check placing the shimmed bulkheads to the plan to check my sanding, I noticed that the strip of wood was completely off from what the plans show. Bulkheads L and I seemed to be the worst. As you can see, when making sure all the other lines were flush, the strip for the quarterdeck was completely off....and not due to my sanding. Even the bottom part didn't follow the curve. I'm currently bending some strips to the shapes on the plans (on photocopies I made) and will be cutting off the strips on there now and gluing on the ones I've made. Scott I'm not sure if this will solve the issue you are having as well, I'll see how it works out once the wood dries. Thanks for following my build! Hopefully more to come soon!
  10. Sport and Scott, thanks for taking the time to respond! After reading the responses, I went ahead and lined up the few bulkheads whose reference lines were a little off. Afterwards I went ahead and sanded down the decks of those that were off, fortunately none needed material added, just a little bit shaved off the top. I first lightly sanded the decks to remove the laser burn. I then went ahead and used the side of a pencil to mark just along the border of the bulkhead and sanded with the rough side of an Emory board just until the line disappeared. I think checked the bulkhead against the plans to assure the curve was correct, and check the bulkhead on the keel to check alignment. I repeated the process numerous times with each bulkhead until all of them were on, or very close. Also after lining up the reference marks I was very fortunate and, what I think is called the forcastle (please excuse my ignorance as far as nautical terminology goes, I'm learning as I go) now lines up pretty well. Will probably just need minor adjustment. I just have a few questions before I move on with fairing up the sides of the hull. There are a few spots on the center keel where the deck doesn't line up on both the fore and aft of the bulkhead. For example, towards the bow of the ship, bulkhead C lines up evenly with the keel on the bow side, but the stern side sits a little high. It may seem like a silly question, but am I to angle each of the bulkheads to match those lines, or will I be sanding the keel itself. I've attached a picture to show what I mean: One last question for now: To begin fair the sides of the hull, I've just loosely held a batten along a few different spots on the bulkheads. Up by the rails the it seems much closer, but down by the rabbet is another story.Adding material to those bulkheads that don't quite make it to the line is much less intimidating to me then removing material from those that go past it. My question really is, what is the best way to remove the excess material while still keeping the overall shape of the bulkheads the same. It seems like it would be hard to keep the overall shape while removing what seems to be a fairly significant amount of material from a few of them! Thanks again for all the help! Having a lot of fun with this build so far!
  11. Sport - Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling lining the decks up would probably be the easies way to do it. She's a really good looking ship, and for the price of the kit....hard to beat! As far as getting everything lined up properly, let me just make sure I have the idea right: Above, I'm lucky enough that B lines up pretty well, maybe very slightly low on the bottom, but the deck seems pretty much lined up with the top of the center keel and the reference lines are matched. However, this is really the only one Here E is high on the deck side but the reference line and the bearding line are lined up. The best way to go about fixing the higher bulkheads would be simply to increase the depth of the slot to lower the bulkhead even if the reference lines are off? There are a few bulkheads that sit high on the deckside, most of them infact, so if this is indeed the case it wouldn't be a bad fix. I'm then to just remove material from the bottom sides of the bulkheads until they line up properly with the bearding line, and eventually allow a temporary batten to flow smoothly over? Sorry if these questions seem silly and basic, I'm just well aware that these next steps in getting this all "fair" are very critical to a quality finished product. I've been following a few builds and just want to make sure that my interpretation is correct! Thanks again for all the help already!
  12. Scott - Thanks for the kind words. I had a buddy of mine cut a block of wood for me making sure that it was square on all sides...what a guy JSGerson - Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here! It's very fortunate that there are so many quality builds of the RS on here, a lot of great information already here...invaluable resource! Well, I haven't had too much time to work on the RS since I got back from vacation, but I was able to get the rabbet cut out. I got it as close to 1/16th as I could while trying to keep a consistent depth along the length, and equal on both sides. As this is my first build, I'm not 100% sure how any errors will effect the end outcome of the model so if anyone can spot anything wrong in particular, please let me know! I was also able to get the bulkheads dry-fit to the keel. Man sanding the slots next to the mast slots was fun! A few of the bulkheads seem to line up nicely on top and along the rabbet line when the reference lines meet. However unfortunately, as others have experienced, some are a little high or a little low. What is the most important part of the bulkhead to line up before making the necessary changes to the top or bottom of the bulkheads. Should be sure to make the reference lines match up, or should I align all of the top decks and make the changes to the bottoms? Again this is my first build so I'm not sure what the proper way to line them up necessarily is! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for all the great information already!
  13. Scott - Thanks again for the reply. I wound up going with a taper on the stem similar to what you had mentioned. Unfortunately I can't attach it to the rest of the center keel yet as it is currently being pressed between two flat sheets of wood. While waiting for my center keel to dry and hopefully flatten, I decided to do some work on the stem piece. I took out the dremel and cut the slot and taper for the figurehead to fit. This is my first attempt at something like this, and I'm pleased with how it came out. There's a little bit of air space but it's not terrible. If I decide to paint this ship, I may fill and reshape to remove some of it. I've also tapered the front of the stem, thinner at the middle and tapering back to full width just under the feet of the figurehead and just above where it will attach to the keel. I also spent a few hours cutting out the copies of the bulkheads in order to check for their symmetry. I was going to just fold them over, but wound up just cutting them out as I found it was easier. Most of them were either even, or just slightly off and were marked on the side to sand. A few of them were approx 1/16 off, so I cut 1/32 strips off one side and glued them to the other in order to get them more even. Trying to get these as even as my newbie skills will allow to save some time when trying to fair them up....we'll see how it worked out. Hopefully I'll be able to take the center keel out of it's press tomorrow and get the stem glued on. Then I'll have five bulkheads to press to get them straightened out as well. Then on sunday it's vacation time so I'll have a weeks hiatus. One quick question. I've seen some people have square metal blocks in order to make sure the bulkheads are both right to the keel, and to the board at the same time. I checked in home depot and I was unable to find the blocks. Is there another place someone would know where to find them? If not is there another easy method of doing so? Thanks again for the help!
  14. Helmsman - Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here and definitely looking forward to the build! Scott - Thanks for stopping by. Yes I was reading into your log on the snake. I picked up the photocopier method for checking bulkhead symmetry...great tip! I also saw the way that you've tapered the stem piece. This was the only build log I happened to see that mentioned in however. What i'm really wondering is, do I make the taper from the waterline to the top the same? Should it be tapered enough to fit the figurehead on, or will I have to taper the section his legs go over separately anyhow? I know it's not a major part of the ship or anything, just curious if anyone has done it any other ways I've decided I'm going to go ahead and either soak or steam the bulkheads and center keel to get it straight and see what happens....if worst comes to worst I'll just give Model-Expo a call as it's already documented that I've got an issue. My only worry is if that's going to make the already fragile bulkheads even more so, but I can only imagine what kind of nitemare that warped hull is going to give me when the time (hopefully) comes later on for planking.
  15. Jpett, very nice build! Will definitely be (and have been, really) following this for inspiration....and information!
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