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  1. Made the Bridge Fluorescent light using the ELCO plans. Several adjustments had to be made to get the scale close, working this small its mainly what looks right rather than perfect scale.
  2. adding some early details to prevent breakage fitting other items later in the process
  3. Once again Test fitting the superstructure , always looking for flaws , the hull colour will lighten up, by mixing in some battleship grey, still thinking about the deck & topside weathering & chipping
  4. Scratch built Weathered life raft to be stowed on the day cabin. Salt, tropical conditions, sun all took there tole on the rafts
  5. Feel the rebuttal pain, I’ve keep track of the added costs to date, turned around receipts on a clipboard, safely hidden in the shop, to be honest once I cleared a couple hundred , I have not had the guts to look , holden 8702 he does very good work, problem is he’s so back logged , I might have to go back to shape ways to get more figures, buying off the rack so to speak, which is more expensive, because its thru them, however I just can’t wait maybe 3-4 months for him.
  6. I got my mufflers direct from the designer in Spain , same panzer& tanks s guy who has designs on shapeways , however he did not like the way they were printing some of his work so s he’s now went Independent works in resin much stronger at smaller scale . My kit came with both types of mufflers did not like either, holding of on the underside of the hull until I decide a final display look.
  7. Canvas spray shield attached to the aft gun tub. Tub not attached yet so it’s placed at an angle for photo purpose The “Canvas” process --Took a piece of old cotton tee shirt, stretched it out very tight tacked it down, several coats of spray primer was applied to both sides, followed by several coats of tan/ OD green regular can spray paint The drying, spraying process made the cotton stiff. Glued a plastic rod to the top to hold its shape, then made holes 5 mm apart in the top, sewed to the rail with rigging line treated with wax and white glue solution. Ship rigging experience
  8. Fabricated the throttle control bars, the mufflers are molded from resin. I think its time to paint the hull and deck next. Thanks guys for your kind comments, not so sure about one of the most detailed PTs , that’s more in the realm of a master builder , not a simple boat builder, trying to be accurate is important to me on this build , the real test comes from the experts at ptboatforum .com again thank you.
  9. Torpedo tubes complete , test fit went ok , now they go back in drydock until there needed
  10. The 50’s & mounts started life as a kit , both were then heavily modified , on the 50’s I only kept the weapons body, everything else scratch built , with the mounts I kept the site post & the mount carriage bracket. Rudders, shafts & screws , three engines three screws on a PT , for me I have the parts for 3, however still not sure if they will be used, depends on the final display, The pictures are from master builder Gene Burgers 107 build How the comments help[
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