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  1. 50 Cal machine gun turrets ,and foot stands , work in progress
  2. Torpedo tube training gear, rope locker hatch Torpedo tube training gear permits the tubes to be trained inboard so that no part of the tube structure extends over the rail. When action is expected, the tubes are trained outboard, by hand.
  3. Finished the 20mm Oerlikon, pretty happy with it for the first attempt
  4. Added the foot rails, had to soak & heat bend them into place, always run the risk of snapping or splintering long single pieces when shaping the curve. luckily I tooi it slow and easy turned out the way it should
  5. Thanks to Jeff D at pt103.com for the advise on the hatch ladders, made a simple jig for soldering , shaped and framed the deck hatch opening
  6. Made some progress in in the odds & ends areas Life ring with rope grab, added the mast light cable , the mast is aluminium & brass so it will take a few coats to cover, or I might just leave the used look, reworked the training gear cranks on the day room cabin, added the port search light cable, placed items on the engine hatch cover & gave a coat of paint, missing the engine hatch ( work in progress)
  7. While waiting for supplies, worked on the wiring plugs for the Nav horn, port spotlight bracket. There very small, hard to shape, but I think they will add to the effect, when the cables are connected, also added the mounting brackets for the , cabin vents and running lights. Test fitted the reworked 20mm base
  8. Lanyard pullies for the mast and start of cockpit rework
  9. Window drain scoops, each window has 1 & the gun turrets have 2. They will be reshaped slightly once installed. Without the equipment or really the skills to Photo Etch, tiny parts like this have to made which mean no 2 are exactly alike, but close. I do plan to learn how to make casting to help with the duplication process . Also with time to reflect on my work, I have made upgrades/improvements to most areas of the superstructure. Will post soon
  10. Smoke generator/w hold down straps & base
  11. Made the foot rails from Mahogany, with guidance from Jeff D pt103.com I followed a cross of his drawings & Dumas patterns. Given the fragile scale here I will soak in water then heat bend them in place. Being very careful not to snap them.
  12. I hope all are being safe. Scratch Build the mast, took 3 weeks & 68 fabricated parts, After final paint I will add the light & cover & the power cord.
  13. First my hopes & prayers go out to everyone during theses unsure times. The craft new all love seems rather secondary. One of my suppliers is from Spain which is closed for shipping, I’m still able is get deliveries from Cornwall boats for now, will stock up from them and work from back stock for the rest. Started laying out the control panel area, the test fit went well, Made the throttle control box, it’s still rough, needs some smoothing but its close. All in all, it will work just fine.
  14. Built the Jack staff and Stern flag mast, pretty simple, they will look good with the pullies, lanyards and flags added. Scratch build Bridge search light, it took some work to get it right, only concern is the turn knob might be a little big ?? if so minor fix . Will add the glass & reflective inside after finale painting.

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