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  1. Just shy of 2 years work, this my first attempt at the PT , I still have to trim out the edges , frame the box and build the case . My goal here was to depict a day in the life of the 105-boat moored at Todd City for minor repairs and resupply. Thanks to everyone for all your comments and support. Mike
  2. Gunners Mate first crewman posted , completion is getting closer
  3. Finished the skipper, ok figure painting skills still needs some work on my part, however you only get there by making the effort
  4. no worries, I always welcome the comments, as you know its easy for the builder to miss things, that others see, I guess that's why we put it out there. however your right the copper does look red when fully dried, stands out to much. defiantly will go back and give it a relook
  5. The belt was a bit small, the tips are ball (black) Tracer (red) 4-1 ratio, what your seeing is copper (projectile) which looks way to big on the small belt I might go back and just cover the cooper with brass
  6. Completed the bow .50 Cal plus some ammo boxes , work is getting there slow but steady
  7. I have been using original ELCO plans, if you go to ptboatforum.com and pt103.com they are the experts on everything PT boat . if roll back on my build log you will find the torpedo tube build pics Mike
  8. Thanks guys, its been a big project, I have learned many new skills , but I think its going to be smaller scales down the road, cost, space, availability are the big drivers. I have the props and rudders , the boat will not be attached to the base, so she can be displayed on a static stand if an occasion would ever call for it
  9. Have not posted for a while as most of the work has been on the repetitive side. Update: the105 boat is 99% complete. All the major work is complete, has been for about a month. the remaining work being added is dependent on the on finishing the water on the base. The base is very much a work in progress, many hours to go. The palm trees, have one fully completed mainly to make sure my technique would yield the look I wanted, if I did them one at a time its 5 days start to finish, building in bulk steps I have completed the trunks for 19 trees, the palm fronds , made from feathers takes the most time. 10 days to finish the water, 1 day drying time between coats, and maybe a month to finish the background. So much work ahead, but it’s getting there
  10. coming right along , ya you have to watch the cutting things, they never land where you want them to, besides the old school label the 109 with /1 might indicate age. anyway looking good.
  11. Attached torpedo tubes , training gear, TP Tube locks, and tube wiring plugs
  12. About finished with the cockpit area, the windshield, a real pain, metal, plastic, drilling hole for pins, paint & canopy glue do not want to work well toughter, without looking like a 5-year-old tossed it all toughter. after 4 attempts I was at the end of my rope, but it was almost there, when Murphy showed up, a very slight slip of the hand & I took a chunk out of the std screen. Not wanting to start over for shot # 5 I turned the error into battle damage, which I have not shown clearly in the pics as it still needs a bit of work. The windshield weathering became easy after that. Installed the control panel and added the fluorescent light, compass, and torpedo director, them weathered the entire area. Again, there are many different ways to approach this build, all have there own merits, my vision here is to depict a boat that has seen action and exposure to the tropical elements of the pacific.
  13. Made the Bridge Fluorescent light using the ELCO plans. Several adjustments had to be made to get the scale close, working this small its mainly what looks right rather than perfect scale.
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