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  1. Finally finished. This will be my last build. I'm trying to cut back on the number of hobbies. Thanks to all of you that posted pics of your Niagara so I could see where to go with my build. It's been a joy being a part of this group. Perhaps some day in the far future I may get back into ship building. Until then, you all keep up the great work.
  2. Finally have finished the work on the Foremast. Half way done with the sails now. Sorry it's been so long between posts. A lot of work here.
  3. Sorry I've been out so long. Spent the better part of 8 months making a Mandalorian Cosplay kit and then out for shoulder surgery for 6 months. Couldn't raise the arm up to do modeling, let alone have a steady arm. But I'm back after a long time and have been making progress since last November. So here are some pics of my work on my Niagara. Hope you enjoy them. Some of that bow work took a lot of time to get the details right.
  4. How did you furl the signs?

    1. scott larkins

      scott larkins

      Sorry for the delayed response.  It's been a long while since I did that.  I found some instructions on this site about furled sails.

  5. Finally, after building a failed new Cosplay outfit for the 2017 motor city comic con, no thanks to the vendor I hired to 3D print my helmet and he failed, and finishing home improvements for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner in my backyard, his wedding, a vacation to Disney, the start of my next and last cosplay outfit, I have finished all of the cannon work. Pics to follow. Man that took a long time.
  6. Here's an update. Working on the cannons. OMG these are worse than the hull planking. IMHO. Doing everything 20 times is truly the definition of insanity. It's already taken a few months and going to take a few more I think. Tied more blocks than I can count. Well, not really, I did have to count them. LOL. I want to thank Ken for posting where he got the hooks from for these blocks. Purchasing them saved me so much time from having to make them. Plus they look so much better. So I posted a few pics of my progress. Yes, the ropes ends are glued to the deck. I plan on putting coiled ropes down over those ends. I did it for my Rattlesnake and I liked the way it turned out.
  7. Coming along great. Been a while since I checked in. I always like the furled sail. Makes a ship look alive I think.
  8. Very nice job, well done. I can only hope my Niagara looks half that good when I am done with it. I bow at our mastery.
  9. Why did you chose tan instead of black rat lines? Not criticizing, just wondering. I had always assumed due to the weather conditions that black lines were always used.
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