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Great looking model, What did you use to get the weathering effect on the wood? If you put it in front of a picture from the coast it would be convincing as the real thing. Do you have the source for plans for that model? I love the lines of the boat..


            Great job and Happy Modeling,

                          Marty G.

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Hi Mehmet


Really nice! Your weathering looks very convincing and especially well done. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the weathering, plus the old and worn out look of the planking and other parts of the ship, all add to an overall feeling of a working boat that's endured many a rough storm and had extensive use. Talk about 'full of character and charm...".


Great job and thanks for sharing this build with us.


All the best



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Hi every body

thank yo very much for your nice replies, I am pretty motivated. 

for weathering I first applied different shades of brown to the deck and hull sides, after 2 coats of varnish I applied the actuall paints, after different strenghts of sanding it has a worn out apperance, for inside (the frames etc.) I used pastel sticks; by sanding I obtained them in small particles, appiled with brush.

the plans I are on internet, here is the link;


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   Thanks for the link, I have another build going on in the shipyard right now but your build has sparked a lot of interest. I will be looking to build one in the near future. Thanks again...


         Happy modeling,

            Marty G.

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