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  1. Hello Jessie, Catching up on your build. Fantastic work man, Definutely looking forward to future updates ....
  2. It has been a while since I looked in on your build, Man I sure like what I see. She is definitely something you will be proud of when you are done. Great work. Happy modeling. Marty G.
  3. Sweet work there Pete. Then again, most everything I have seen you set your mind to is simply fantastic. Happy modeling. Marty G.
  4. Looks like you are making fine progress. I think I will pull up a chair and enjoy the ride... Happy modeling, Marty G.
  5. Fantastic modelling, I just was admiring your build log and If you don't mind I would like to pull up a chair. Happy modeling. Marty G.
  6. Just found this build log Popeye and as usual some very creative building going on here. Love the work and I will be following along waiting to see whats next. Happy Modeling, Marty G.
  7. Very nice Patrick, I am always blown away by the attention to those tiny details you do. Happy Modeling, Marty G.
  8. Man that is one dynamite build. I would love to see that one in person. Are you going to enter it in the IPMS Richmond show the end of February? I will be there with the Hampton Roads ship Model Club. We are sponsoring a couple of the ship model categories at the show. Hope to see you there. Lots of cool stuff to look at while you are there. Happy Modeling, Marty G.
  9. You are your own worst critic. I think it looks fantastic the way it is Remco. Looking forward to see more to come. Happy Modeling. Marty G.
  10. Great work Dennis. Before you know it the grandkids will certainly look forward to building something cool with grampa. Happy Modeling.....
  11. Dave that one beauty of a ship. Love the refinements and the imagination. Your Dr. is going to love it for sure. All the Best and Happy Modeling, Marty G.
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