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weathering sailing ship's

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has anybody out there , got any hints on how to get a good wood effect ,  on plastic . I have seen a few done really well ., I have done a few large ship's , the constitution and the victory , I would like to get a different effect on my next ship .any help will be very appreciated .

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Hello. If this is what you are looking for, it is done by painting your base color, and then dry-brushing a lighter version of the color where you want wear, and a darker color where you want dirt. Bear in mind that when weathering "less is best".

On the guns, I painted the base color and then using a brush with sepia india ink, start brushing until the brush start to dry and starts leaving streak marks.

I am trying to describe in a paragraph what took me years of experimentation. Start with the basics above, and you will start seeing results soon. :)


(The Santa Maria is Heller's 1/75 kit)









Edited by Ulises Victoria

There aren't but two options: do it FAST, or do it RIGHT.


Current Project Build Log: HMS Surprise 1790. Artesania Latina 1/48

Future projects already in my stash: Panart: San Felipe 1/75; OcCre: Santísima Trinidad 1/90;

Wish List: Le Soleil Royal, 1/64 Amati Victory


So much to build, so little time!



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Ulises, I am breathless !!!!

In progress:

CUTTY SARK - Tehnodidakta => scratch => Campbell plans


Content of log :


Past build:

Stella, Heller kit, plastic, Santa Maria, Tehnodidakta kit, wood, Jolly Roger Heller kit, plastic

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Very nice~!

This is an excellent example of cross over to another hobby and medium, namely, the plastic modeling.  There are many clubs and websites devoted to plastic modeling (cars, planes, armor and figurines) which discuss various ways to paint and weather, especially the armor folks.  


Keep building, and above all, have fun.



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