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Model Expo Syren

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I've been looking over the build logs and this seems to be a very impressive kit.Anybody have any comments with there  experience building it. The instruction book is 130 pages is it laid out well? I might have to bite the bullet and buy for my next build. It sure looks like a sweet kit and its on sale right now!

Thanks Scott 

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I am building The Syren from MS`s kit, have completed the hull, and am in the process of plating the bottom.  The manual is by far the best of any kit I have built so far (  only 6 ).  I have made quite a few mistakes, but I still feel it will turn out to be a decent looking piece of work.  The mistakes were my own, failing to follow Chuck Passarows detailed instructions, and due to my own impatience.  You almost dont need the prints, which are themselves clear and detailed, but it is a kit for the experienced modeler - which I am not quiet yet.  But I am enjoying the challenge immensely.  I had to push aside my almost completed " Flying Fish ", due to the fustration of the rigging.  But I will return to it when I finish the " Syren ".


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Chuck's instructions are outstanding and yes, he is usually close by.  Just make sure you have a clear picture in your mind of what you're reading/doing always with an eye toward the future.  If you come up with a question, post it on your log.  Many fine Syren logs were lost but the builders are still here to offer suggestions if needed.

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