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Royal William by Luc - Radio - euro model - scale 1:72

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After finishing the santisima trinidad (07/2013)
it was time for a new adventure.
HMS Royal William
From Wikipedia and buildlog of KeithW

HMS Prince was rebuilt by Robert Lee at Chatham Dockyard in 1692, and renamed at the same time as HMS Royal William. During the War of the Grand Alliance the ship saw action at the Battle of Barfleur of 19 May 1692. The Prince belonged to the red squadron and carried the flag of Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Cloudesley Shovell. She was the first ship to break the French line during the battle.

Later she was rebuilt for a second time by John Naish at Portsmouth Dockyard from 1714, relaunching on 3 September 1719. She was laid up after her re-launch and saw no service at all until she was reduced to an 84-gun Second rate ship in 1756. One year later, she was part of an unsuccessful expedition against Rochefort led by Admiral Sir Edward Hawke. Her squadron, under Vice-Admiral Charles Knowles, attacked the Île-d'Aix and forced her garrison to surrender. In 1758 she participated in Boscawen's and Wolfe's attack on the French Fortress of Louisbourg (Nova Scotia) and an indecisive skirmish with a French squadron. The following year the Royal William returned to Canada under the command of Captain Hugh Pigot to join the attack on Quebec. After the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the capture of Quebec she sailed back to England with the body of General Wolfe. In 1760 the Royal William was Boscawen's flagship when he took command of the fleet in Quiberon Bay. However, after a severe gale he was forced to return and shift his flag to the Namur. During the expedition against Belle Île of 1761 she was detached with several other ships to cruise off Brest and prevent a French counter-attack from there.

The Seven Years' War seems to be the last time that the Royal William played an active role. She was broken up in 1813.

Euromodel website
- Royal William Product Page
- Interpretive Information by PiratePete
- Royal William Resource Information
Build logs on MSW
- http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/7195-hms-royal-william-by-keithw-euromodel-172/  by KeithW

- Royal William by VinceP (Euromodel)
- Royal William by Brian C (Euromodel)
- Royal William by Denis Pink (Euromodel) 
- Royal William by Ersin Derebek (scratch) 
- Royal William by Kay (scratch) 
Other resources
- USNA model of Royal William
- Royal William by Victor Yankovitch, also alternative source.
From Wikipedia and buildlog of KeithW
I 'd seen Vic his Royal William on the forum Rcgroups, and the build was so wonderful that i knew that i must build this ship also.
After a dip in building boats over more then 1 year, i started the last month with the Royal William.
I used  plywood 10mm for the false keel and the frames.
Behind the false keel was another boatbuild that failed. A swedisch privateer. Must remove the plans.

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A few photos of the work I did the past week('s).


Because my english is not very good, even bad, i post pictures instead of text.


the end result


















Top (u see the holes for the frontmast and bowsprit) Everthing must be maked strong  for sailing and transport the ship)





My newst tool for copy hights from the plan onto the ship


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Because i want to build this boat in swiss pear (from arkowood) .


It's now time to find out how much wood i need and wich dimensions.


I'm searching for a list of the wood that in the box of euromodel, but i can't find nothing.


Is there a link of these list ???


thx Luc

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KeithW :


 The Santisima trinidad was painted with humbrol paint.


Now I want to really just plain wood.


Vic built his ship also with pear, therefore this choice.


What would you use ??



ps: the pear would by painted with G4 , a colorless varnish.




Found you resourcefile a time ago. Becaus i build this ship Rc, my approce of the building is differnt.


My next step is the first planking and the rudder and to make everything rechabel and functionel. Once this is don, I need your resourcefile much more.

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thank you Greg



the progress of the last month.


finishing the first planking and putting the lines on the hull so i can check of everything is still ok.


On my stern there is a different of a few millmeters. In the kit the frames are 6mm thick , i used +/- 9mm.

this give a mistake of 1.5mm, not much , but to much for the basic to build on.











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