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Rigging and masting, Swan IV revised and expanded

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I just read the chapter 26, the addition to the original volume IV which deals with making sails.  This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.  The details are incredible and are presented in a way that all of us can make realistic sails that are "to scale" in all ways.  The difficulty in making to scale sails for popular building scales has been discussed on this site numerous times and is one reason many builders, myself included, do not like making sails.  That has now changed, at least for me.   



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Ahoy mates,


Here is a review of Volume IV Revised, which I wrote for my club newsletter.  It pretty much echos what has already been written.  SeaWatch didn't have to print the supplement, but they did.  Now we're able to keep our original editions up to date at a minimal expense.  Here's a company that's looking out for its clients!




Swan Vol. IV Revised Edition.pdf

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