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In the process of building one of my models and unfortunatley made a slight error.  Now need to unstick one of the bulkheads.  Used while glue.  Remember a while ago there were some suggestions as to the best method to use.  Would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

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Use Isopropyl Alcohol which you can buy from a hardware store. Use your hobby knife to make some incisions in the glue - that helps the alcohol penetrate and work faster. Keep brushing it on (because it evaporates very quickly), and use your knife to scrape away softened glue to help more alcohol enter the joint. 

Regards, Keith


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Isopropyl alcohol 90%.  I got a bottle at the drug store.  Smear on, let soak in, scrape away as it softens.  For a deep joint, soak until it softens up.  I used either a toothpick or small brush to apply.

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If the joint is large, wrap a little piece of paper towel around it, soak with alcohol and wrap the whole thing up with Saran wrap. Rubber bands also help if it's possible to slip them on. Leave for 24 hours and everything should come nicely apart.


Don't rush it or you are liable to damage the joint. I'd personally not poke the joint with a blade for the same reason. A little patience will pay off!

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You don't say if it's wood or plastic I'm assuming it's wood. As PVA is poly vinyl acetate acetone works very well and if you need to saturate the wood. It will go soggy but once evaporated returns to at least 90% of its original state. IMO


Failing that if possible submerge it in Detol. Preferably neat. Caution advised as its caustic soda. But the combination of water caustic soda and alcohol will dissolve any white glue even water proof ones. Again IMO

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