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  1. Hi folks trouble is back. I use the bottom from a plastic soda bottle. Then I have five wells, one for PVA, PVA and water, soapy water, CA and acetone, in one place and they don't fall over. And the sides make good windows at a push. I also use the cap as a well if I only need one glue pot.
  2. A closet would be several steps up as the biggest cupboard I've got is the bathroom cabinet and I can't fit in there.
  3. My space makes this seem positively palatial and organised, my space isn't big enough to have rats in the plural just one very thin mouse I think. And I have about ten times as many models waiting. So there will be at least two of us sat outside the pearly gates trying to finish that last bit before going in. My only organised work space is a lap tray and my "almost finished" "dusty work workshop" see pic I'm just waiting for a new dust extractor, seriously and some lighting and to finish the second cuff. The dust extractors being made from a hard drive cooling fan. As it only 20mm deep and will attrach to the back wall. With a unique twist on the cyclone collection method. It's called the air moves so slow that the dust just falls to the bottom of the extractor
  4. Glad to be of help. The main reasons I used greycard was because its light. Only 1mm thick but when layered at the corners more than strong enough and need no special tools other than a pair of scissors an knife and a straight edge and some glue. The design is endless I'm hoping to be able to cut away some of the front edge as well for more visible access. I'll post some more images when its further along. Only it's like Edison said. The first 90% of the job takes 10% of the time. It the other 10% that takes so long but make so much difference. So watch this space.
  5. I'm also planning on adding a hole to attach the vacuum so as to avoid flashovers and clear the air. I will be just a hole with a piece of wood glued inside with a tapered hole to hold the nozzle.
  6. Sorry for the daft question I just couldn't resist. This is the tray. No particular size just a piece I had laying around As you can see it's just 12mm ply with a 3mm edge round three sides. To stop stuff rolling off And a cheap sheet plastic chopping board for a clean wipe surface and somewhere where I can cut on and if the scratches get too bad a quick rub down with some sand paper or replace it eventually As you can see the dust box is still under construction but it just needs the front window on which will slide up for access. Because it's all enclosed and I might not have power handy I had some scraps of 1mm clear acrylic so added three skylights. All the mod cons. This is the view down inside that's a sheet of A4 card fits with plenty of space. Other than the basic box shape this is the end view. And this shows how snugly it fits the tray Hope this is helpful and if you want more just ask I'll try not to be so daft next time... No hope
  7. Sorry to be stupid but which bit the tray. The dust box or both.?
  8. To add to this white glue is actually harder when diluted. As there is less plastic filler in the amount you apply. It is harder to get an even layer due to faster drying but that helps as you then add a second layer which still means less plastic so less flex. But much stiffer very good for such a rigging to prevent fluffing. And laminated pieces. That then retain any shape you make them in. Also if you add a drop of dishwasher rinse aid it soaks I better and dries matte not gloss.
  9. My main area of working is on a special tray I made on my knee. Anywhere from in bed to watching tv. Depending what bit I'm doing. I'm just making a dust proof box for rough grinding an shaping etc. Such as with a dremel. A bit like a shot blasting box with two holes for your hands and a windo and lights. This all fits exactly on the same tray. Keep everything tidy and means I don't loose those flying bit as they just bounce if the sides. Just have to dig around in the dust for an hour. And as its made from 1mm grey card its cost me about £5. £4 of which is for the lighting and Windows.
  10. Unless absolutely desperate don't use normal CA (methyl CA, also called alpha CA). It will warp anything it can, it use an exoteric reaction, capable of taking your skin of in a blister if you should spill enough, I did but I'm immune to the sticking effects of CA so was luck but it was very hot and melted my shirt. It crystallises with time and breaks down with the moisture in the atmosphere as its hydroscopic. If you must use CA use the medical grade which is supposed to be what nail artist are supposed to use. But it's called Ethylcynoacrylate this is hydro phobic and doesn't crystallise. I don't know about the heat but it is more expensive due to its higher purity. But well worth it.
  11. Don't worry this has been a condition common to all constructive occupations mostly seen in the disappearance of such articles as pencils tape measures and as you say the last tool used. Many attempts have been made to negate this such as brightly coloured items or even string attaching said item to yourself. But this just results in an form of snow blindness caused by all the brightly coloured tools or near strangulation as you forget your still attached to the last item glued on. The main thing to remember is that you only have a mild case as yet. As its only considered desperate when either things migrate to another room despite you have ping not moved or you spend 30 mins looking for that item in your hand. So just take a deep breath tune into the force and stretch out your hand and your hand will be guided either straight to it or to the nearest cup of your favourite brew. Either works fine. As when your just finishing your drink you'll notice that you stuck it to your model and not the part. So may the force be with you. Or the brew depending on your age... If not blame the gremlins.
  12. I assume this is given to the kids until they stop moaning then the remaining good stuff is used for personal consumption.
  13. Trying to remember the location of my hidden trap door. As its too well hidden.

  14. Hi, As a newbie ish the best advice regarding terms and knowledge for anyone. Is to quote a knife maker. "Don't worry about using the wrong terms, as that will come with time. After all you don't get on an airplane to go on holiday and have to know how to fly. That's the pilots job." And the same with any new subject. If you use the wrong terms or names. Someone will soon correct you and over time you will learn it. So my quote is "Buckle up and enjoy the flight." Because knowledge or not you'll still get there.
  15. While I'm on forced go slow on building. In case you might not have noticed it doesn't mean I'm not able to stick my oar in here.

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