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This brand new book by American boatbuilder Douglas Brooks details his five apprenticeships with traditional craftsmen in Japan. 




I just received my copy today and wrote up a post about it on my blog. You can read it here:




The book is $75 plus $10 postage. If you do get a copy, I strongly urge you to buy it direct from the author to help support his research. In return, you'll get a book signed by the author and you can choose to have it inscribed if you like. 


Mr. Brooks is a scheduled speaker at this year's NRG Conference in Mystic, CT.




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Hi Kurt,


I figured that might be the case, though I wasn't sure how long he'd actually be staying at the conference. For people who can wait and will be at the conference, that's a great way to get the book since they get to meet the author, see the book, and then the inscription will have some meaning. Some of us just have to have it NOW, like me...  ;)



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Kurt, Too late. My book is already signed and inscribed! He offers that on all orders through his website.


But, buying the book at his table at the conference is a great way to get the book if you aren't already familiar with him and his work.




P.S. Here's a review from another source: 



And some photos the author recently posted on Instagram:


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