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Coiling rope for cannon (edited and moved by admin)

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Problem for me too.  I'd like to hear from more experience builders, but here's how I tackled it.  Holding the  excess line sort of taut -- at least straight out on the deck-- I put the eraser of a brand new pencil next to the thread and began twirling the pencil around.  The eraser head is porous enough to grab the thread and after one or two twirls it holds on itself.  So I wrap up the line and then I carefully push the coil to the bottom of the eraser and off the pencil entirely.  Now, have some watered down PVA glue ready at hand and apply a liberal amount with a artists paintbrush to the coil.  The wetness will hold the coil in place, and when it dries, the PVA will be unseen -- use white pva and it won't alter the color of the thread at all.  Hope this helps.  Like I said, I'm new to this and I just keep trying different techniques til something works.

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If you have a build log here ... you should ask it there, or you may try this link: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/16-masting-rigging-and-sails/


This site is the right place for your questions, and you WILL GET ANSWERS (as a member) When you start a build log it is even better. If you started your log, post the address from the browser here so we can find it, and help you out




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Search and you might find a log ...


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That's a good idea, Captain Al. I find that line usually has a lot of 'spring' in it unless dampened. I prefer to build coils off the model and glue them over the short end of the line to disguise the joint.


The most recent way I've built coils is to stick a piece of low-tack tape, sticky side up, on my work bench, coil the line on it and use either dilute white glue or acrylic matt medium to 'set' the line. When it is completely dry, I prise it off the tape with a palette knife.

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