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I used latex paint to cover the hull of my Steingreber Admiral Vernon.

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I finished planking up the hull of my Steingreber Admiral Vernon and wished to paint the lower hull white.Due to the rather large size of the model(The keel is 2 feet long)using my normal Tamiya white would prove to be too expensive.I had some latex interior semi gloss(Baer)left over from painting the shed that looked promising.I thinned the paint with water and used a good quality 1-1/.2 inch sable artists brush to apply the paint.Great results were achieved with just the right sheen after 3 light coats and the waterline mask was sharp due to the great quality blue 3M masking tape.The paint should be quite durable after it cures but since the model is in its assembly cradle the hull will not be handled for several weeks after the permanent  display base is constructed.

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Wow! For philo426. Looked at your album, very impressive! Have a musty, incomplete kit, looking for a building log. Very interested in the transom, as there wasn't a drawing in the plans we have, and the photo was blurry. Thanks for posting this, may consult you along the way.  Tim Jovick

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