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USF Constitution by Scallywag – Bluejacket Ship Crafters – Scale 1:96, As she appeared on August 18, 1812 (First wooden ship build)

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My goal is to make her as close to her appearance on August 19, 1812, before the battle with HMS Guerriere.  Any and all constructive criticism is welcome as this is my first build and I would love to learn new techniques!




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The hull is made of basswood and came pre-carved to a rough initial shape. There is plenty of material to remove to get the ship to its shape per-plan. The manufacturer, to protect the model from any damage it may receive during shipping and handling, intentionally left the extra material. Note the stems on the bow and stern.



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Very methodical. I find your step by step approach a nice addition. I too am a first model ship builder and so appreciate the time you're taking to illustrate your approach.


Best, Ian

Thanks Ian!  Thats exactly what I'm trying to do here.  I look at other build logs and wonder how they did what they are showing. 

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Looks like a nice start.


You know that you can make a single post with all of the photo's in it and include your text in-line rather than making so many single posts?  Makes it somewhat easier to read.   :)

I didn't realize that until I was almost done posting.  Newbie learning curve!

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