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USS Constitution by papercut - FINISHED - Revell - PLASTIC - 1:192 first ever build, comments welcome!

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Hi everyone, this is my first ever build of...pretty much anything, so don't expect any creativity / worksmanship that you would expect in probably all the other builds on this website. This ship is near completion -- but I just thought I should get some advice before starting the next ship. I've taken a look at some wooden builds and they seem a lot more realistic/interesting than plastic, but unfortunately sharing a single college dorm with a girlfriend (as you will see the messiness of the table) makes it rather hard to do any work on wood...


I did not realize to take detailed photos to track progress until well into the build so many steps were missing :(


Anyhow, onward with the pictures.


The directions didn't ask to paint the bottom of the cannons (they were one piece), but I painted them brown anyways, and I'm glad I did. In general, I find the directions for this kit to be very sparse and not very helpful for a first-timer...



Painted the white line along the window. "Painted" the deck. It was supposed to be tan, but for some reason the paint didn't mix well (and I didn't realize), so basically it was left in this color until everything was mounted on the deck...at which point it was too late to rescue the paint.
Note the cannons. There's a slot that fits into the hole on the deck, but I find many times the hole is way too tight and it was easier to cut off the little slot and just glue the darn thing to the deck. Not very impressed with the quality of the kit, but hey it was $25. One cannon gone missing during the construction -- finding a 3mm long black tube on black carpet is a non-trivial task.




The items that will be later added onto the deck  -- the paint color worked out well, except for the white which I always struggle with. No matter what I do the olive green plastic always shows a hint of itself.




Items mounted onto the deck, pardon the poor quality phone cam. Note the bottom row 2nd from the right cannon -- that's a replacement I made from sprue tree using a sprue tree cutter (didn't have a modeling knife at the time).





More to come....



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Right side of the hull. I tested painting white on black using a few different ways prior to painting the outside of the hull. Later on I found that it was supposed to be "multiple very thin layers"...any advice on this one?




same hull, but the outside. Note the white paint seeping down the windows. I tried my best "erasing" them with a napkin wetted with paint thinner, but some of them won't go and other make the area smudgy-white. Any advice for this? Later I heard something about first applying a layer of mild detergent solution as "primer" and wait for it to dry. Does this actually work?




The copper turned out fine -- a little too shiny, but probably the best paint job on this entire ship if it weren't for going a little to high towards the bow of the ship. Not sure why I did that.




Fore mast and main mast. Can't really tell from the picture but I probably applied too much white (to cover up the base plastic color) and a lot of detail was lost. Also the holes were a lot hard to fit in (to the point that I cut off the slot), maybe because of a layer of paint? In retrospect a lot of these parts probably should have been painted on the sprue tree so I didn't have to get paint all over my hand  :(



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Showing artwork on the bulwark. The white seeping down is very clearly visible here.post-2545-0-42758500-1363331741_thumb.jpg


Two halves of the hull put together....wait...something is missing. I didn't actually thread in the anchor line before gluing these together! Spent a good 15 minutes poking that line in the right way to get it to thread through the hole on either side.




Rear artwork. Not as nice as I'd hoped, but the letter were damn very small.




Lots of steps missing in between, but here's the ship sans rigging. Not very impressed with the instructions and the precision of the kit here -- the ratlines did not line up with the deadeyes, especially for the fore mast. The instructions even drew it off-aligned. It was impossible to align them, your ratlines would be way off.



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The final shot you've shown there looks pretty good to me.  I had a similar reaction to the shroud/ratlines - didn't line up very well on the 1:96 scale I'm doing.


Keep up the good work - are you planning on a full rigging?



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Holy munchkinville papercut (ouch, mind if I use Jeff, sound less painful).

That constitution is the size of 2 TP rolls. 1:192 scale YIKES.

For that kind of scale your doing great. painting over that type of scale, especially on plastic always seems to mute detail. The best way around that is many thin coats and sometime that has an effect on the sheen of the finish.


If you have the patience for this scale your ready for wood.

I'd suggest a small project perhaps a long boat. Chucks pinnacle was on sale at model expo for a mere $80 and is a beaut'. The email said use code MAD13 and it come with free paints. I'm having a hard time not  purchasing this magnificent officer transport.



the pinnacle log.


he also has a nice practicum for it.



Keep on building, she looks great. Especially if she's your first.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! Sorry I haven't checked back in a while (the forum should email me when I get replies:) ) but I've finished this build. I absolutely destroyed the rigging though, mostly due to very loose lines since I had no idea what knots to use and I was adamant about not using glue (which I've since learned is pretty stupid). Two books later I can say that I'm at least a better rigger now.


In hindsight, I do agree that 1:196 is too small of a scale. I wish I had picked up the 1:96 instead, I would have enjoyed it much more. Nevertheless, I'm not giving this hobby up!


I'm right now working on the 1:96 Spanish Galleon by Revell and am in the rigging phase. Unfortunately I didn't take logs though, and it's not a kit I'd recommend anyways. I have a MS Sultana kit sitting under my bed and I can't wait to start that one after I'm done with the galleon, especially since Sultana build logs seem to be lacking after the forum upgrade, and it'll be my first wood kit!

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