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Hms bounty mast rake

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Masts are typically raked aft to some degree, but it can vary widely, you need to refer to the plans for the angle. If you don't have the info, someone on this site should be able to provide the info on the Bounty.


If you change the thread title to be specific question regarding the Bounty mast rake angle, you might get a quicker answer.



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In general, the deck and the waterlines were parallel to each other.  They may or may not be parallel to the keel.  I believe that the rake was reference to the waterline/deck when there was a difference.  This can be verified by measuring the rake angle on the plans in reference to each location. 


In the actual vessel, the masts (with possible exception of the mizzen) were stepped on the keelson, then passed through each deck.  In a model, depending upon the type you are building, they may only be mounted through the upper deck onto a bulkhead (POB style), but if a full POF model they could be mounted to the keeelson.


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In general, the foremast, main mast and mizzen were raked in a splayed manner.  The fore was raked either forward or vertical, the main a bit aft of that and the mizzen aft of the main.  This changed over time.  Later ships had less difference.  Check the angles very carefully as the 'look' of the model is dependent on the rake of the masts.





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jbshan is 100% correct. Take the original admiralty draught he has posted and measure the angle carefully with a decent drafting protactor.

You can use that plan to confirm and correct any number of small details and make your model just a touch more accurate.


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It's not quite the original plan, but just Google HMS Bounty plans, look for images, and several come up.  This one was close, and much clearer than the plan shown from the NMM.

There's also a book (McKay?) that will really help.  It's in the Anatomy of a Ship series.

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I just got done figuring this out for my own build.  The conclusion I drew using McKay and the A.L. plans is that the mizzen was raked about 6 or 7 degrees aft and the main and fore masts were perpendicular.


If you are building this ship and you get to building the mizzen at this angle, remember to offset the trestle and cross trees the same angle so that the platform (crows nest) sits level after the mast has been stepped.

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