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Knee of the head, Stem and Gripe

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Hi fellow Shipwrights,


I am looking for documentation on how to build a new Knee of the head, Stem and Gripe from scratch for a future project, the Fair American. In looking at a lot of different build logs it seem like the idea is to create some kind of "puzzle" - excuse my expression - to rebuild these 3 sections.

Of course, I am sure there is a method or plans to do that. Are these plans standard per period? Ship type? Is there any reference book I should be looking into it?


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.




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Methods on the "puzzle" varied from country to country, and sometimes shipyard to shipyard depending on what wood was available.  There's a Fair American in the scratch area along with two Rattlesnakes that might help.  In the kits, there's an Armed Virginia Sloop by DocBlake.


There's books for specific ships and classes, but I'm not sure which one would work for the Fair American.  Perhaps one of the other members might know for certain.

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