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Best way to create gunports

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What is the best way to create gunports?  I have been reading the practicum for Syren which suggests cutting the planking to size and shape in order to create the gunports.  On the other hand,  many of the build logs (for the Syren and other models)  have described the technique of planking over the gunports and then cutting the opening.


Just wondering whether there is a consensus.

What have others found to be the pros and cons of each technique.




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Like a lot of other things, you'll have to find out what works for you as there's usually more than one way to get to same goal.   I've done it both ways and depending on the ship, framing, etc. I make my choice.  For a POB, I plank the whole thing and then cut.  For POF, I do it in bits and pieces and trim it up. 


Others will have their methods.... 

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