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new sander suggestions

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I've had a cheap combo belt/disc sander for several years. I use the belt sander to fine tune frames after cutting them with my scroll saw. Yesterday, the table adjustment control broke (plastic of course) and the table will not set at 90 degrees from the belt. I tried using the disc, but there is too big a gap between the disc and the table, so trying to work with small pieces is very difficult. Bottom line...time for a new sander. I realize that the Byrnes sander is the standard, but my price point is around $200 max, and also, there is usually a bit of a lead time on getting borne's products. 


Any thoughts on good sander in my price range?

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I had the same problem, this last month my old sander died. After a ton of research, it looks like all the power tools under $250 come from the same factory. I went to every home supply and tool supply place and was able to physically look at each model and what features they had.  I was also limited to about $200 and found the Ryobi and Skil to be the best out of what was on the market for under $200.  I got the Ryobi, under $150, in my shop and just finished using it on a project using oak and found I really like it. Its quiet and has little vibration from a sander in this price range, has a 2" outlet for my shop vac,  The belt release was a little hard to get adjusted at first and I am replacing the plastic adjustment knobs with a higher quality.  The belt table and guides are all good cast aluminum. The disk table is sheet metal and cast aluminum which was a bonus, most other makes are cast iron and plastic and about as flat as banana. Came with a decent miter.  Hope this helps.


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In the mean time fasten a piece of 1/8" Masonite or sheet metal to the disk sander to reduce clearance.



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Hmm, I bet you could make a go-around to make your machine useable again.  Try repair or molding with some J-B Weld.


If you have a drill press, then maybe you would be interested in a rig like this thing.  You could probably make most of it with what you have on hand:



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