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Thanks all, it is kind of unbelievable really.   But yes,  we roll on - difficult at times, but roll on we do.


@John - it does indeed. 


@Gerty: Wow - great to see you sir!   After all, your log was one of the ones to inspire me to do the willie!  Nice to see you around!  And thank you sir, much appreciated!


@Dennis - Thank you friend, appreciate that.  I did and She says thank you very much.


@Augie - Oh I know, and it is appreciated.   Great group you all are!!

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Hi Adam.  Just joined today and this is my first post.  Total newbie here - happy to find you.  I ordered the Shipways Willie Bennet today.  Your progress pictures are SOOOOO inspiring.  I hope I can do half as well.  Thanks for sharing!

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(Returning Preamble)

Whew.  Hey all.


I am not sure what protocol or etiquette is for continuing a build log after a very long hiatus.  I feel the need to explain my absence though, so whether necessary or not here goes.


It has been one heck of a year.  Shortly before my last updates here I was beginning to venture into a new career as well as getting involved in Muay Thai Kickboxing.  The first, for security the second for health reasons.   That, very quickly, became my life for the last year.   If the admiral and I were not going to the gym or sparring I was dug deep into code projects and work related things.  It pretty much consumed my world and thus my time.  Combine that with a bit of frustration and a disheartening event with the mayflower and well - a building hiatus ensued.

My career seems to be going well at the moment (hopefully I did not just jinx myself) and I have evened out on the learning curve. The Kickboxing has hit a nice groove with a nice schedule that we have fallen into.  This has, luckily for me, freed up some time and let me return to my other loves - writing, playing guitar and building these wonderful wooden vessels.

I popped back on shortly before Christmas to get caught up.  Am amazed, as always, at the progress of several projects and all the new ventures I saw.  As I searched for updates on some of you guys I sadly came across the news of Augie.  That took me back a bit - so sorry to hear that (even though I am late to the news).

Well, after re-evaluating my process and goals with building ships I am getting back to it.  I sort of have a very high bar set for myself which did lend itself to frustrations with my various builds.  I have decided to put that to the side.  After all, I am far from an expert - heck barely out of novice really - so my ships will be as good as I can do them with the skills i have.  Each ship will get better and my skills will grow - and that will do just fine =)

So - if there my seat at the table is still around here some place - I think I will get back to building =)

Good to see you all again!

(Since I have many build logs going, this will be CnP'd to the my first post across all of them - sorry for the repetition).



As for the Willie Bennett - it is still in the rotation but at the moment my focus is on the Santa Maria.  So - will return to this one in a bit, but at the moment going to focus a bit more - for a while; we will see how well I can do ;)

Again, glad to see you all again - missed ya'll quite a bit and am glad to be able to return and look forward to a nice solid year of modeling!



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