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Greetings All!!


This is actually my second undertaking. My first was the Phantom which I will be putting up shortly. 


This was a Christmas Present from my lovely wife, and as such had to cut ahead in the Ship queue.


We start with the traditional unboxing.


We begin with the documentation which consists of one manual, a parts manifest, 2 large plan sheets and an errata sheet.




The model is kind of a hybrid POF/POB so the contents consist primarily of strip stock, raw brass, and some laser cut sheets as well as various white cast parts which appear at first glance to be of decent quality and useable as is.  Finally the normal supply of blocks, string and normal ship fittings.




The instructions are not too too bad.  It is quite informative with history anecdotes as well as examples of how the real ship is built.  The trouble is these are intermingled with instructions on how to build them in the kit and they tend to get  muddled at some points.  I like the information however, being a novice, I found it confusing at points.


To kick off the build a template needs to be attached to a build board which will be used to set up the build molds.  I just grabbed an old particle board shelf as the build board and using a glue stick attached the template.   I think next time I will use rubber cement to make it semi-permanent because at the moment I am having issues getting the template off of the board - and would like to reuse it as it is a very nice build board =).


Once the template is down it is just a matter of attaching the laser cut build molds to the build board using the template as a guide.  I added some spars at the base to stabilize the molds and give them some reinforcement.






Once all of the molds were in place and proven square it was time to attach the keelson and chine logs.  This was very straight-forward, no muss no fuss.










The next part is construction of the hull shell itself.   The side planks are a single piece of wood cut to follow the chine logs, bent to shape and attached stem and stern.  Remember, do NOT glue them to the molds - that would be very very bad.  If you should by accident you can carefully pop them off when it is time to separate the shell.


*You can, to avoid getting glue stuck to the molds place some wax over them. 


Once you get the sides in place, time to lay the planks along the bottom of the hull.  Again, pretty straight-forward. Cut and place the planks up to the chunk, place the chunks, sand and shape and walla!  One Willie Bennett hull shell!!


Sand, sand, sand and sand!!  I went ahead and primed mine prior to removing it from the molds but there is no requirement to do so, I just wanted to be sure my hull was as finished as possible before flipping it over.
































Once the shell is complete and removed from the build molds it is decision time!!


The next step is the deck framing.   There are two ways given to go about it,  the first is a basic framing and the second is a "realistic" framing.    The main reason to do the second is if you want to build the ship as close to the real thing and/or plan to have it opened up or have some of the interior visible.  If the latter is not the case, the basic framing is more than adequate as it just needs to support the decking.


I opted to do the realistic framing including the blocking, more so for the experience than anything else.  I did not however detail the bunk areas or the internals of the different wells since the ship will be in a display case and not easily accessible to move and scrutinize close enough to see the detail.


The next four pics are of the framing, the first pic is actually partial framing prior to deciding which way to go.  At that point I could have gone either way.  The last three are the framing completed and ready for the plankshears!


The BIGGEST tip I can give at this point,  regardless of which style you decide to do - make sure you mark and cut the notches in the clamps which hold the deck beams PRIOR to attaching them to the hull.  It is doable after they are attached, but much much easier to do after the fact - so I found out =(










From here, I had to break.  I was working on the plank shears trying the cuts to get a nice curve and well - let us just say I have some more practice needed!  I chewed up a fair amount of wood trying to get them right so had to replace the wood.   To keep working I did some work on another kit while waiting to be able to pick up the wood at which point will return to the Willie.


that will be tomorrow =)


Thank you for popping in!!


And as always - whatever you do, and however you do it... enjoy it!!






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Thanks all!


Last night I was finally able to get one of the plankshears done and not looking half bad (I don't know about others, but that is not as easy as it looked ;) ), hopefully tonight I can get the other one done soon and throw up and update.


And YAY gerty found his way back!  You have no idea how much I referenced your Bennett while working through mine =)



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I like the work, very clean and ship shape.  I look forward to following your work!  


I have also started this kit but have put it aside to work on the a PT Boat kit from BlueJacket Ship Crafters.  You may give me the inspiration to work on two kits at the same time.  





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You Skipjack is looking good. I am about at the exact same place as you on my Willie build. Unfortunately the site crashed but I will get my build log back up here hopefully in the next few weeks. Your lines and precision looks great. Well done. This is my first build so I am sure I will have lots of questions for you on how you did this or how you did that. 



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  • 2 months later...

HI Adam, thanks for the kind words you left on my build log.... I wish I had as much confidence as you do in my doing a build video.... When I first got my flip video camera I did a mickey mouse video on the start of the hull weathering. If I find it I'll try and post it for you so you can see how corny I really am.  :P  How's this build coming along for you? this will be a real winner!!


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Frank, corny is just fine!!   The number of times my lovely wife has looked at me with "that look" followed by "there is something wrong with you" pretty much cinches it that I too am quite corny at times!   I feel I am good company.


The Willie is sitting patiently, currently moving forward on the Mayflower but plan to switch back to the willie once I get the decking done on the flower.



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Hidey Ho Good Neighbors!


Hard to find time lately to even post let alone build - but doing my best!!


Did a couple quick additions to the willie to keep it moving forward - nothing grand unfortunately compared to the others around here but getting there!!


First, went ahead and added the plankshears, trimmed them up and sanded to shape as per the plans / instruction book.







Then to wrap up that part mounted the log rails and sanded them out.




That is set aside to dry and am starting to get the other hull pieces ready to go so I can give it a final fill, sand, prime and paint and then ON TO THE DECKING!! (kind of excited about that part )



As always, thanks for peeking and Enjoy!!


(And yes, flemish coils would look snazzy!!!! ;)  )


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it covers some of the really kool vowels though  {I'll take an 'o' for fifty, Bob}  :)     man......I love that deck framing.......it looks really cool!


now,  that would be cool.........a boat hull done like the  ' visible V-8 '..........hate to be the one to taper those planks though  ;)


nice work on the cap rails.......looking forward in seeing the deck planking!

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Thanks all for stopping in and for the good words; they are appreciated.


Slowly but surely the Willie takes shape.


Augie: The keyboard was the product of necessity since the Blue Shadow is in the panavise and, well . . . something else is in the keel clamp (but I figured 3 build logs is enough to keep  up with at the moment) and the Mayflower is in the foam cradle.  I am out of things to hold my ships!!


Popeye: Thanks!!  The deck framing was a lot of fun on this one, very different from anything I had done plastic, wood or otherwise.  A visible ship would be very cool; this one actually has plenty of things to do on the inside - I am just not quite yet up to the task on it.  A couple of the other willie builds are doing it though.   I will get there - heck, look who i am talking to - YOU should do one!

:dancetl6:   :P  :dancetl6:


Bob: :piratebo5:  Thanks for stopping in, the more the merrier!!


Gerty: YAY! There's Gerty!  using yours as some inspiration my friend!!





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I just had a look at Richard's build.........he's much further along :)   it is a shame some of the added detail will get covered over.  is your decking the same as his?  that's going to look sweet!   there will be more than enough detail on the deck,  so don't feel bad about not adding in more...........and yea.......you guys whet my appetite!  ;)

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OK...........now I had a look at Gerty's build...........you folks are tempting me something wicked!   I'll have to add this to my  'future build' pile though.........the thought of being thrown so far back in the doghouse,  I'd need an anchor chain and a gaff to get me out.....really sticks in my mind!  ;)

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I am so glad that you are building this one.  I am working on the same one and it is my first kit, so when I get a little tennative, I can see what you did and I don't feel so lost. Looks great by the way.

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Thank you all, thank you!



@ Richard:  Thank you Richard - far cry from the work you are putting but I am doing my best to make at least good showing!! =)

@ John: Welcome! And thanks for joining the adventure =)


@Popeye: Hmm, wonder what it would take to push you over the edge ;)  (KIDDING, kidding - need you in one piece!!)


@Rich: Welcome to the WIllie Bennett Club!!


@Time and ZyXuz: Thank you for stopping in, and thank you for the compliments - much appreciated!!





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So, in keeping with the spirit of moving things along; my wife and I have actually worked out some schedule issues at night so we both get to spend more time with our hobbies :10_1_10:


So far it is working out well and I am able to keep the builds moving along!!


The latest installment for the Willie is a minor one, but actually adds to the look and makes it start to look more like a boat with each addition.


All I did for this one was add the wales and cutwater.  Both very straightforward and went according to the plans. Although I am doubting the need to cut the cutwater in three sections as the plans shows rather than just one, since it will be painted.  But,  I did so.  /shrug



Thank you all for stopping in, more to come - oh yes, more to come!!!








Until next time!






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