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Endeavour's longboat by Telp - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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Hi all


I am new to the site and hopefully as soon as I get some pictures up I can show where I have got to with this my first build. I have now reached the rigging stage and like many a newbie I am daunted to say the least. I have already sited the main mast and the bow mast before I read that it is best not to do so prior to doing some work on them. I am now in the throws of putting together tackle blocks however my issue now is that from what I can see I need to put the sails on the masts which then makes it very difficult to site the blocks. My question is as such, can I just rig the boat first and then try and put the sails in place or is there a trick or two I can learn?


I am doing loads of reading as I want to prepare a lot of the items as close to how they should be made as possible, I am taking things pretty slow and will attempt a few newbie builds which will give me the principles to try something bigger in the future. If anyone has built this model I would be grateful for any decent pictures as the rigging instructions with this kit are near on hopeless to someone who has no real idea. Thank for any help and I will get some pics up tomorrow hopefully before I go and see the Who live in London on Saturday.

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Well after three months of learning loads from this site and attempting to move along I have finally, apart from the odd touch up, sort of finished my Endeavours longboat, I will post a few more pics as I would welcome critism ect as to what I could do better. I have made many mistakes along the way and the rigging is as best I can make out from the awful kit instructions, but I have never enjoyed doing something so much before.


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Hi Telp,

              I am currently building the Endeavour Longboat also. Any tricks or tips you learnt along the build and would like to pass on would be appreciated. It looks like you did a great job. Your right about the instructions - TERRIBLE! :(

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This may help a little http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/8158-hms-endeavours-longboat-rick01-al-160/. It's my first build and I agree the rigging instructions aren't very helpful but a bit of research will clarify things a bit. The builds here should also help with rigging http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/51-msw-group-build-of-an-18th-century-longboat/.



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G'day Rick,

 Thanks so much for the reply. I am actually following your post on your Longboat build and have taken many good notes. I am really loving my build BUT I am so used to the likes of TAMIYA plastic kit instruction that are very, very, detailed. So I am a little lost. But I will push forward. Cheers mate. :)

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