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  1. I usually temporarily fit the mast so that I can drop a couple of lines down to simulate shrouds, then I can line the chains and dead eyes up correctly. Also, for future reference fit the chains then add the reinforcing strips, it does save these problems. Rick
  2. Love the Wedgie - they're particularly impressive when you see one sitting on a road kill roo with the wings half spread daring you to try and take it away. Rick
  3. Bilge pumps! Needed as much as water barrels 😉 I sat mine where you've got the barrels but there's plenty of room just aft of the barrels for two pumps. Great representation of the cutter. 😊 Rick
  4. I keep a small supply of .5, .6 & .7 mm drills. All cheap Chinese but for the amount of time I need them (and break them) they work fine. I see you've beefed up the davits etc. as well. Or were they supplied in the kit in that thickness? Making good progress now. Rick
  5. Much better (and stable) stand, plus doubling the thickness of the other components gives a more realistic look to the kit. You only going with the one anchor? I did purchase a second one and have rigged them slightly differently. Rick
  6. When you do get this far, consider placing a yoke on the cross bar. Currently there is no support for the boom when the sail is not hoist, this seems to me an obvious place for a "rest" and that's the way I worked. There is a photo out there showing the replica with a rest (removable I assume) on the stern but like a lot of other bits and pieces it seems to be a matter of "best guess" . Rick
  7. I lashed all mine. No wire twists used anywhere, I'm afraid I pretty well junked the whole AL rigging plans and used my copy of Petersson's Rigging fore and aft craft. In addition I hunted the net for photos of the current replica to check on how it has actually been rigged as the instructions are really a drastically cut down and basic "looks good" set up. If you check my photo here https://modelshipworld.com/topic/24327-le-renard-by-gaffrig-artesania-latina-scale-150/page/3/ you should be able to see what I've done. Rick
  8. Jim - do you do requests? I was thinking that one of our Lyre Birds would go over well if you also tagged a sound clip of their imitation abilities. 😉 Rick
  9. You can stand practically next to one and not know it's there, they look so much like a broken off branch. Rick
  10. They're not afraid of nicking your catch when surf fishing, the sight of one flying low and slow along a beach checking out the catches isn't unusual. 🙂 Rick
  11. You could join this forum and ask for some assistance in locating a Kiwi Hurricane pilot. http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/forum.php The guys there are very helpful and have a wealth of knowledge between them all. Rick
  12. I love all the Neophemas, this guy would probably rate as the most colourful of the collection and used to be a very popular aviary bird. Rick
  13. Great photo! Isn't that one of those birds that, when you ask your tour guide about it, gets called a "L B B " (as in - no idea but lets call it a Little Brown Bird) ? 😉 Rick
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