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  1. Hi Steven - here's a couple of photos to help the uninitiated understand that bit of road. For emergencies where they can't put the Flying Doctor down on a private airstrip the road is marked out as a substitute. As for drinking water hopefully you've got enough on board (sorry this photo doesn't want to rotate) ! Rick
  2. Probably need to explain this to the rest of the world now. I suppose the easy way would be to say - back of Bourke. 😉 Rick
  3. Check a few other builds for a comparison, generally they would appear almost straight on a 1/64 scale model. With mine I've always tried to get the sag right out of the ratlines. Rick
  4. Is it possible to tighten them a little? I know it's pretty labour intensive but the end result is worth the time. Rick
  5. I always heard that the term Mexicans for us was due to the fact that we all migrated north to Queensland when we retired. Rick
  6. Taken from the fact that often a flock of cockatoos will have a number of birds "posted" around a feeding area to warn of predators. Rick
  7. Don't know about that but the kids won't use my hand saws, nor my hammer. They swear that they all have a slight left bias which is probably correct when you think about it! Rick
  8. I know the problem all to well. Any sort of electrical saw can be a nightmare! Rick
  9. I gave up on the rigging instructions fairly early on, grabbed my copy of "Rigging period fore and aft craft", followed the American Schooner illustrations and also found as many photos of the replica as I could to help work from. Rick
  10. Did you glue the mast in place? I've always left mine "free" and that's allowed a certain amount of adjustments to rigging tension. One thing I've noticed, the foot ropes for the main spar look to be hanging a little low. Remember that these would only be low enough for a man using them to lean over the spar at the waist, so really probably scaled down from around 1 metre. Rick
  11. If you're spacing them around 1 cm apart then you.ve only another 54 to go and around 200 + knots (depending on how many need re-tying! 😉 I usually manage around 10 ratlines each session, then my shoulders and eyes start protesting. Looking good. Rick
  12. Love the relationship between Angua and corporal Carrot. 🙂 Rick
  13. The beauty of the first planking is that you can stuff it up pretty badly and still get away with it with careful sanding and filling. Additionally using PVA glue it's not impossible to remove some planking if it goes horribly wrong. With one of mine I had to strip nearly half off one side, it had just got a mind of its own! It's a learning curve and first planking is a pretty good exercise, just treat it as that and take your time. Rick
  14. I look on it as more boat building time. Rick
  15. Can't go past this advice for a good build. I took around 8 months to complete mine, I didn't complete a build log at that time I'm afraid so no pictures.
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