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Device for making wants


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I would like to introduce a device that is prepared specially to help with making and mounting wants.
My idea was to make most easy as possible and professional want's mounting process without stress about damage of model.
All elements are adjustable: height ,width and agles of want's benches.
There are two veriants of the device: for small scale models 1:72 1:96 and similar, and for the large scale model from 1:50 to 1:25








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The right timing during the build paired with careful measuring would make these things good to have around. Easy to get to the shrouds for tying ratlines and not causing damage to the model. Looks like a good idea to me, probably a limited market, maybe have more luck selling detailed plans.


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Excellent idea and realization.


This, however forces you to put your shrouds before assembling of the upper parts of the mast. I always do my shrouds when the masts are completely assembled. (But that's just me  ;) )


Very nice idea nevertheless.

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