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Could someone please direct me, or assist me in obtaining something approaching a 1/60  Decking PDF?

I am getting a little more than frustrated in trying and failing to get the wooden planks perfect.

My plan, (Hope it's a valid one), was to print and overlay on to existing Deck.


(1/60 Endeavour)


Doesn't have to be the exact dimension, just something that I can cut and fit.


(Planking width, 5.0mm with 3 or 4 Butt shift.)



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Hi Hof,


I can't help with your request but I have been following your log and revisited it to see if I can find the area you are concerned with and couldn't see anything from the photos giving you problems.


I know from experience that we can be overly critical of our own work and maybe it isn't as bad as you think especially looking at things in isolation.  Remember you have a clear deck and things jump out at you, but as you progress the deck will fill up with furniture and ships boats etc and then the rigging starts getting in the way everywhere and before you know it any issues soon disappear in the general cluttered 'mess' of a sailing ship.


Perhaps a couple of photos of the area bugging you will help.


I have several areas where I wasn't happy with and after a few goes just used the best I had and now not noticeable anymore.


I know it doesn't help you but living with what you have instead of going with an option that may make it worse might be the best solution.




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Hi Chap,

Thanks for the advice....


I guess I am being critical but I don't think overly so.


I replaced four Planks on the Fore Deck that I cut through, they look alright but there are other areas also that are getting a little on the thin side.


I'll post some pictures soonish.



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Evening Hof


I too am building in 1:60 at the moment. In my case, Bounty. I am far from being an expert, though I was in the RN, I have served in ships with wooden decks (both warships and sailing vessels) and I have spent FAR too much time scrubbing them! My build is the first that I have undertaken, but I have received compliments on some of my work thus far.

I cannot remember whereabouts on the net I found the lengths to cut my deck planking but I do remember it scaled (give or take) at 8cm. I used a three butt shift pattern because it was a pattern that I had learned about during my time in the mob.

In my case, for symmetry, I drew a centre line on the supplied plywood deck base and worked either side of that. I've attached a couple of photos of my deck piece once I had cut around the edge of the deck and cut out the various hatches etc. in the ply template.


I hope this is of some use to you.






PS, I tried to simulate the caulking by running a 4B pencil along one edge/end of each plank, but it didn't really show as well as I would have preferred, so I stepped the lines in with a 4Hpencil after laying the planks. I used the same pencil to step in the treenails.



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I created a 4-butt shift planking pattern for my 1/50 revenue cutter. I can easily adapt this for a 5mm plank and create a PDF. A few of questions though:


What plank length do you want?  

Do you want treenails printed? If so, what spacing (I did mine evenly with the butt joints).

What page size? (A4, ...)


This is an enlarged sample (ignore the grid and colors - those are just to help with layout).






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Hi Hof,


I've attached a PDF with the planking pattern ready for printing. You'll find there are 2 pages. The first contains only full planks. The second has partial planks as well. I'm assuming the deck is longer than a single piece of A4. The second pages are designed to butt against each other to provide a continuous run. Please make sure you print them full size :).


I hope this helps.


All the best,




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