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Scotland Baltic Ketch by Brad3585 - Corel - scale 1/64

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Hi everyone.


So iv started my first ever build choosing the Scotland Baltic.

Id like to say thank you to all the members that welcomed me and helped me out over the last few days with info on getting me set up and what not.


So iv done the first stage and its gone fairly well i think. I'v had to file out almost all the hull slots to accommodate the frames but that was to be expected as I'd read from other members build logs.

Any way here are a few pictures, feel free to offer and criticism and advice on following stages.

Thanks again for all the help. :)  post-24887-0-40900800-1462359844_thumb.jpgpost-24887-0-96369600-1462359858_thumb.jpgpost-24887-0-53003200-1462359874_thumb.jpgpost-24887-0-23041100-1462359890_thumb.jpg


Sorry about the photos they turned when i added them on here and i don't know how to fix it.

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Hi Guys 

So i found the deck stencil, it was just in the back of the book and not in pieces that needed to be taped together as the book suggested??

I think its weird doing it in the book it will most likely tear the page when i pull the deck off.

Also i had trouble identifying the right pieces of timber for the lath's there was no 12 mm long pieces so i just assumed you had to cut them from the longer pieces (why wouldn't the book state that?) is it really just a case of measuring the pieces and hoping there the right ones? And there were 4 pieces that were 2 x 2 mm and the were 2 different colors does this mean anything i just picked 2 the same color and cut them.

Any way here are some progress pics also some picks of a cheap and simple keel mount i made u,p its adaptable for future builds.

Would love some feed back thanks.



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Thanks S.Coleman i'm flying blind here first ever build of any kind so its challenging mainly due to the seriously vague instructions.You have an impressive completed build list. Good to hear about the glue, its just what i was given at the shop. :rolleyes:

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Thank you. I have only some of my builds in my gallery. Must update it at some stage. I used to use White PVA but found this Tightbond works much better. It is fast drying and also becomes tacky quickly so be careful. These wooden ship kits are all very similar as in you have to cut and manufacture certain parts to the measurements in the plans. I still have trouble identifying the certain wood strips in some kits. That's why I turn to this site quite often for guidance.

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In your photos, it looks like the actual wood deck is longer than the drawing beneath it by a bit (looks like the wood overhangs the ends of the drawing).


Before you do something irreversible at those pencil marks - you might want to look ahead and see if there's going to be a problem waiting for you.


If the drawing really is smaller, and it's not my old eyes playing tricks on me, perhaps you can copy the book's drawings, enlarged a few percent to match the wood in the kit.



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Thanks Richard

Yes the drawings are smaller but I made sure I dry fitted the deck on the hull then market either side of the frames with pencil on the deck so I now I know all the laths will line up when I drop the deck on.

The picture your referring to is all glued and set so I'll be fitting it tonight. Fingers crossed.

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Looks good man. The book is not very good. I made a few copies of each page on a copier so I didn't damage the book. Those deck guides get really tight, on mine they pushed a few bulkheads off center so you may end up adjusting a few. Also don't worry about pencil marks cause you'll be planking over them anyway. At this point you will want to decide what plank pattern you want. I went with the simple 1-2 because the deck isn't very big.

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Thanks Cdogg

I thought about the copy thing after I glued it on there lol.

I need to do some research on planking as I have no idea what 1-2 is. When you say plank pattern do u mean for the deck ( next stage ) and what do u use to cut the deck planks Iv been looking at a mini mitre box and a thin razor saw kerf? Is this right?

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He sure is talking about the deck planking Brad. There is a few different variations/ patterns to follow when laying the deck planks. All depends on the type of ship, Time period etc...


Im pretty sure he means by 1-2 is to have a join in the planks then leave the next 2 planks without a join then a join. Stagger the planks basically so not every second plank has a join. Hope that helps.


To cut the planks I use a mini Guillotine with a guid to get every plank exactly the same length. A razor saw with even a fine tooth can rip the planks. A scalpel would work best.

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Stage 2 almost complete.

I attached the deck tonight went pretty well, my laths all lined up reasonable well with only a slight bit of bending on the frames to make them slip in.

iv noticed the front 3 frames are protruding out past the false deck on one side more then the other only about 1 to 2 mm though i assume this will be taken care of in the next stage when i start shaping the hull. Any tips on trimming of the excess laths/ guides on the deck underside?

Here's some pics.

Once again feed back is very welcome.







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lol, I have no idea what 1-2 really means either, I couldn't find a name, here is an example from my flat boat build. You can cut the planks with a scalpel, just draw a template on the deck and place the planks,




Sorry to post a pic on your log, I meant to place the link, edited.

Edited by cdogg
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