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GS Hypo glue / Beeswax

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Quick question, anyone know If I can use beeswax on a line and also use GS Hypo fabric glue on the knots?  Will the beeswax block the glue, or possibly will the glue seep into the knot more stronger enforcement?  Any help would be awesome, thanks!!

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Hello Casey. I have not used Hypo fabric glue in conjunction with beeswax, but I have used beeswax with diluted white glue. The glue just doesn't go through the wax. So my guess is that Hypo glue will not have any effect over beeswax to secure knots.

In fact I stopped using beeswax at all for my rigging. I secure my knots with a mini drop of either Clear FLAT varnish or just diluted white glue. I NEVER use CA to secure my knots, by the way.

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Casey, I use Testor's Dull Cote (flat) on my lines all the time - it has been on some of my rigging for over 12 years now with no problems evident at all.  I mainly use it on knots and coating the stays etc (standing rigging) as it partially 'fills' the lay of the rope and imparts a sort of tarred finish which is the objective on standing rigging.  However, me purists or those building museum quality models might not recommend this though.





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Like Ulises, I use diluted white glue, or clear flat varnish to stiffen or secure knots.  Either works very well, and my rigging shows no signs of glue at all once it's dried.


Zoltan - when I use diluted white glue, I literally soak the line in it, then tie the knot (or belay it to the cleat or whatever).  The nice thing about using the white glue mix is that if I need to re-fix the line, I can just soak it in water to loosen it up and redo it.  I use the varnish for securing things that I don't think will ever have to be redone, like an eye-splice that holds the lifts to a spar, or seizings, etc.

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