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Masting Constructo's Enterprise 1799


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I need some advice. I have more or less thrown Constructos instruction on a back shelf when I do use it I use it as a guide as to what to work on next. I have made my tow lower masts and found I need to wait for material to come in to complete them. In the meantime I am using Lees, Masting and Rigging, TFFM, Chucks Syren instructions as well as builds here to teach myself how all this goes together. Its time to start on the Trestle and Cross Trees and I need to know if a ship of this size and period would have a full top built on the Trestle Trees. Contructo wants me to just build Trestle and Cross Trees, the three sources I referenced seem to indicate that a Top is in order. The difference is all of those builds have a Lower mast, a Top Mast and I believe the third mast up is the Top Gallant mast. My build, according to Constructo has only Lower and Top Masts.


So, what would be correct for this ship/ Tops or just Cross trees on top of the lower masts?


I keep coming across similar questions, the Enterprise appears to be a smaller ship compared to what I am using as reference. Maybe what I really need to know is where does a ship like the Enterprise sit compared to First Rate, Sixth Rate, Sloop Brig etc, and what is out there that I could use as reference?


Here is a link to the kit for reference and boy am I glad I didnt spend that much when I purchased my kit!!!!



More details in my build, link below.

Thanks in advance,



Current Build Constructo Enterprise

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Given the rig, I would say no fighting top on the mainmast. Perhaps on the foremast. Generally schooners would not have had platforms up there, but since she was a naval vessel, an argument could be made for the fighting top on the foremast. I have never seen a fighting top on a mast without square sails set on it, but some research might discover something.



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Are you planning on keeping it schooner rigged as the Constructo plans show or brig rigged?

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I got curious after seeing your post.   I found the attached by Jean Jerome Baugean in the US Naval History and Heritage Command Collections website.


The first is when she was schooner rigged.  This drawing is from 1806.   The next is a sketch of her Brigantine rigged in 1812.  The last is a print from an engraving based on the sketch made in 1812. 






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Thanks everybody, I think Alan's pictures settle the question. The only sketches I have seen are the one in Wiki taking the Tripolian ship and that show very little detail, these are great. Mike, I plan to keep her Schooner rigged.  Back when I started the build it was just something to keep me busy while unemployed so the poop-deck is still there, if I I were to do it over I would bash that out of existence.


Thanks again everybody


Current Build Constructo Enterprise

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