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Mare Nostrum by cdogg - Artesania Latina

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Well, this has been on my shelf forever so I thought I would dust it off.  I know this forum is no stranger to this kit so I am going to try to focus on the work after the first hull planking


This is my first AL kit, and I can honestly say these instructions are horrible.  There is no direction for some of the prominent items on the deck.  Also, the stern / bulwark planking is the most frustrating planking I have yet to encounter in my few years of this hobby.


Here are some early pictures of the hull now that I have the first layer on, very raw yet.



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I will figure it out, just in shock that AL thinks two pictures and a paragraph are sufficient for planking instructions.  I do not really need them but that stern is a pain in the a**.  Also there is no guidance on how to build the boards behind the pile of boxes.  They go into detail about how to build the box but not that piece, lol.  I am just venting more than anything, never built an AL kit before.

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Hi cdogg,

I built this a few years ago and have located some photos.

Yup, during various stages of this look less than ideal.

I also have a Kit review that I wrote for the Ship Modelling Forum but is 10Mb, so if you want this, send me an address.

(No shame in Wood Filler!!)


Hope these help.








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