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Any jigs/suggestions for coiling gun rigging rope on decks?


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One method is to put a piece of two sided sticky tape on a thin piece of cardboard.

Put a small drill hole thru the center of the tape and cardboard.

Put an end of the rope thru the hole.

Coil the rope on the sticky tape, it will coil easily on the tape.

Once coiled, coat it with dilute pva glue.

Allow to dry, gently lift the coiled rope off the tape, after cutting the end that had been placed thru the hole.

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I agree with Dylan, the double-sided tape works fine. You do need a reasonably strong tape; I switched brands and the new one isn't strong enough to hold the line down.


Also, don't over-coat the coil with glue, or it'll soak down in and glue the coil to the tape, making a mess when you try to remove it.


And yes, it's far easier to make coils on the bench and install them. Same goes for "hanging" coils like those on belaying pins.

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I will add that one need not be "literal" with coils on models. You can install your cannon and glue the tail end of your miniature rope onto the deck and snip it off at that point. NOW you can form your coil off the model using any method that suits you. When you have your coil the way you like it, you can simply glue it to the tail end of the line you had snipped off the cannon. Thats what I meant by using the word "literal": the line that makes up the coil does not need to literally be the SAME line that is in the tackle on the cannon.

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