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HMS Bounty by jaylowry - Constructo - 1/50 - Newbie build

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This is my first ever model ship kit, so this is all new to me.  I wish I had started taking pictures for a log earlier, but didn't.  I actually started thinking about starting a wooden model ship kit after recently reading the Horatio Hornblower novels, and when I walked into a local hobby shop and saw a kit for the HMS Bounty I started down this path.  I have looked at several other models for the HMS Bounty, and some of the others look more realistic, but I must say, the instructions have been pretty exceptional for a beginner.  I probably jumped into the actual build a little too quickly but have since learned a lot.  I am sure my next build will be the better for it.  Here are a few of my best mistakes.


  • The build is plank on bulkhead and I didn't do a good job of making sure the bulkheads were flush and level, so it is a little off kilter.
  • Didn't do an exceptional job of planking.  The gallant rails were supposed to be 1mm above the deck at the cutwater, but instead are flush.
  • I had a lot of clinkers, crowding, blah, blah, blah.  It doesn't look pretty, and I fixed it up with some wood putty.  Not professional, but for the uninitiated, it actually looks okay.
  • Had a devil of a time with the head rails.  They didn't want to stay bent, and ended up not aligning them with the cat davits.
  • I slipped while driving a nail through the cat davits into the gallant rails.  ended up knocking off the head rails on the larboard side, and breaking them into three pieces.  Also knocked off the knightsheads, and a one inch piece of the outer third of the gallant rail.  I almost cried, but it glued back together okay, and looks okay.

I am not sure this matches up to professional standards, but still think it looks pretty cool.





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Ahoy Jay

                     It looks very well done from my view, The build is very clean just take your time durring the build model ship building is a time consumeing hobby it requires lots of time.the slower the build the more preffesional it will look. your craftmanship is excellent.



Turn To Continue Ships Work

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What I can see looks great.  I have been building the same kit on and off for about a year.  I just completed the planking and into sanding it - Might take be another year to complete the sanding. 


Have you completed the ship?  If so, it would be great to see some pictures.

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Hi All, I have just started this kit... my first build also. Can someone help with some instruction wording please... Only the second paragraph in the instructions already asking for help... although I DO want to get this right... 


The Paragraph says.. For good planking of the hull, it is indispensable to ensure the perfect seating of the planks.e to chamfer the frames, the Keelson and the False deck


It says see figure 1.4 ... this does show the sanding of a part...lol. 


Can someone put this para into simple noob speech please...


Many thanks ... John

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It is called fairing the frames.  You sand a bevel on the frames so that that planking lies flat on them.


There’s a great article on it here:



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